Favorite Jeans

Lucia, 24, editor

When I was wearing my Acne jeans recently, a friend asked me horrified: ‘So this is an Acne jeans that all girls and magazines are swarming about, quite unspectacular, but she makes a hot butt. ‘ Well-recognized dear friend, for this reason she is mine-and the favorite jeans of a thousand other girls: she does not need a rhinestones to attract attention, adapts to every outfit and simply conjures up such a good figure.” Continue reading “Favorite Jeans”

Essential Items For A Summer With Style

Here in Brazil it works more or less like this, little cold and heat all year round.

Nothing better than being able to enjoy all that heat, is spring or summer. For that, we must be prepared. With that in mind, we put together a wishlist of products indispensable in our closet.

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Leather Jeans Is Winter Trend

Resin jeans are contemporary, stylish, innovative, value your look and are already part of women’s closets. In addition to being beautiful, the resined jeans are very comfortable and lightweight, which favors even more when it comes to choosing, because the piece has the appearance of leather, with the comfort of a legging, and looks good in a wide variety of pieces: trousers , Shorts, jackets and skirts.The Conscience Jeans Collection is very varied and has options for all tastes with different finishes ranging from leather to metallized and with glitter. This winter, red, black and brown will be great bets. Continue reading “Leather Jeans Is Winter Trend”

Western Retro Universe Looks to the Honky-tonk Party

On day 30 of July, last Saturday of the month, happens the Honky-tonk Party, the country Party of the universe 1 Retro commemorating the year of the site and the launch of the collection “Pin-Ups”, in partnership with Illustrator Aline Lacroc. In addition to the confirmed attractions – the bands The Hicks, Ton White and Rooster of The Rising Sun, the DJ Wagnão DJing on vinyl and the presentation of burlesque western of Aurora D’vine -there will be the Best Vintage Western during the party at the Rockerama Club in São Paulo. Continue reading “Western Retro Universe Looks to the Honky-tonk Party”

One Jeans+Two T-Shirts=Two Looks-A Simple Equation

Another outfit that I got together with Yancor. In my opinion, fits perfectly to the weather, which can not really decide whether the sun should shine or not. I can wear shirts for a long time until I get too cold, with pants or shorts this is not the case. Therefore, I decided today for a pair of jeans with two different T-Shirts, which naturally also give two different looks.

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How to Wear Baggy Jeans

It is wrong not to ask how combine the baggy jeans because these slim, unlike most models, are much more difficult. How come? Account must be taken of the upper but above all of the shoes, which are those that are going to not only more slender but also to make our most pants slipped. The flat shoes are prohibited? In theory Yes, but there are exceptions that we want to show you in our article. Discover with us, therefore, our recommendations on how to match the baggy jeans to get easy chic style.

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How to Match Mom Jeans

How to match the mom jeans, coolest and trendy trousers of the season? These creations, which for too long have been relegated to the bottom of the cabinets, I’m definitely comeback then, dear girls, it’s time to pick up and understand how to create exclusive look. At the beginning of the years ‘ 90 had a very important role but, let’s face it, in terms of shapes have always left a lot to be desired. What are mom jeans and what features do they have? Are high-waisted pants that have the wide leg, but not too much, because at the ankle shake but not enough. There are those who always brought them rolled up and who doesn’t, but in fact, in many they hated. And yet, here they are again among us …

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How to Match White Jeans

Understand how to match white jeans is very important to avoid mixing style disasters. Unlike the dark pants and classic blue denim, this is definitely a more particular clothing and proposal to be calibrated carefully: every single thing will be highlighted and this I do not want any of us. Let us see, then, how to match white jeans with style to find the right solution and no longer have any doubt.

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