Blazer Size Measure

To find their kostymstorlek is no easy task. Different manufacturers have different definitions of how the garment will sit and not rarely varies because the sizes depending on the market. Another interesting question is how well our systems of measurement corresponds to the body shape of today’s men?

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How to Use Women’s Blazer

Today we’ll talk about how to use the women’s blazer.

Fashion has always been somehow related to standards and social changes of our civilization sometimes accompanying these changes others being responsible for them, translating the needs of people in new designs and styles. Something that is pertinent here is the incorporation of typically masculine feminine fashion pieces. An example of this appropriation is the women’s blazer, which was a play derived from the jacket. Continue reading “How to Use Women’s Blazer”

Must-Have the Season: the Fringed Leather Jacket

For party queens

Evening dress The glittering brown overcoat, the short, brown wild leather jacket with a fringed lapel and wide cuffs is worn to the draped mini dress with sequin trim(from the online luxury wardrobe)-the evening can only be a success.  Jacket by Apart, about 200 euros. Dress by Calvin Klein,approx. 270 Euro. Shoes: Sinela. Clutch of floor. Continue reading “Must-Have the Season: the Fringed Leather Jacket”

The Groom’s Clothing

Like any ritual, marriage also has its rules and they are not only official but also visual. Even young grooms or bold-minded ones should surrender to tradition. The basic rule is: the groom should be sober but remembering that traditional dressing does not mean taking your clothes off the chest.

The groom’s clothing can be updated in detail in the modeling or complements, but the fashion side should be left for another opportunity. If you choose a balanced outfit, you can even wear it again. Check out the main options below: Continue reading “The Groom’s Clothing”

Choosing Your Mountaineering Jacket

Before you go to the highest summits of Europe or the world, it is time to equip yourself with the most suitable equipment for your projects. And if one thinks necessarily the technical stuff necessary, one should not neglect the equipment that you will be most useful in the end: the jacket. But between softshell and hardshell jackets, the choice is not always obvious. You’ll learn all you need to know beforeinvesting in a mountaineering jacket. Continue reading “Choosing Your Mountaineering Jacket”

Plus Size Winter Fashion: Comfort And Elegance

The plus size segment has grown in recent years due to initiatives such as the emergence of specialized lines including models within this profile in campaigns and parades. Now the brands seek to highlight the curves and the silhouettes that are of the most varied, highlighting the coats for the winter season 2016. The challenge is to bring comfort and elegance in the heavier parts, without leaving the visual pollution or sin by excess fabric, noting that new guidance of valuing plus size woman. Continue reading “Plus Size Winter Fashion: Comfort And Elegance”

Down Jackets For Men-What To Look For When Buying?

As we have now all experienced on our own body, the winter slowly but certainly enters. Warm boots, thick sweaters, and so on… you have certainly also rausgekramt from the wardrobe. But how about a sensible jacket, do you have something suitable for hanging around the wardrobe? If not, I would like to bring you in this review the down jacket for men a little closer and show what one must pay attention when buying one such.

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