Fishing the Shad

Fishing for Shad is the most attractive from the banks. To catch Tarpon of mas of 20 lbs of weight you don’t need to enter any boat, should you only know exactly areas they roam more, and at the same time know what fishing technique is the most effective for their capture. In this brief article, we’ll just talk about the easiest way to capture them from the banks in my experience with this beautiful species, if you’ve never caught a Tarpon can tell you that without pure adrenaline when you click some good size. Continue reading “Fishing the Shad”

Fishing Spinning Reel: Essential Parts of the Same

Reel fishing along with shank form an explosive duo in achieving good catches from the shores. Fishing reels today have state of the art in many ways, from its parts, its design, and its functionality. In today’s article I want to show you the essential parts of it, as well as to explain a little more about them and their correct use. Do not have much information about the fishing reel?.., I think that this is a great opportunity to learn something more… Continue reading “Fishing Spinning Reel: Essential Parts of the Same”

Controversy As to the Depth of the Water in the Fishing

The depth of the water in fishing is an issue that has been much controversy as to the quantity and quality of bites that are generated on such sites. Today I’m going to write as I always do from my point of view and according to my experience, according to my screenshots, and according to what I’ve felt by personally. Join me in this brief article to share ideas about this controversial topic. Continue reading “Controversy As to the Depth of the Water in the Fishing”

Shades of the Water in the Areas of Fishing

Did you know that on many occasions the tones or form in which the water is in the area of fishing that you decided that day will depend on whether fishing will be fruitful or not? Just today I want to touch you this very important topic for all sport fisherman that is considered a professional fishing from the banks. Friend my no fish by fishing, not, study, analyze, do it right, is the only way that you can have excellent results at the time of the catch. Continue reading “Shades of the Water in the Areas of Fishing”

How to Maintain Your Fishing Reel

You need to clean your reels, but not sure how? Or are you afraid to damage your reels by mishandling? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

To clean your reels, 2 interviews are needed: simple maintenance and annual maintenance. We will not explain step-by-step how to perform these 2 types of interviews.

After reading this guide, you’ll be able to maintain your carp reels alone. Follow our 2 methods of maintenance to enjoy longer your carp reels!

Why maintain your carp reels?

The reels are part of the most important tools your dedicated to carp fishing equipment. They are as important as the CARP rods. This simple reason should convince you to regularly maintain your reels.

Continue reading “How to Maintain Your Fishing Reel”

Telescopic Rods – Quickly, Easily and Simply

Ahhhh, that was wonderful. The Sun was laughing in the morning by the blue sky. What to do? Go natural – fishing. But halt…es’s predator protection. The solution was found quickly, there should be a bike tour in combination with a short trip to the water on coarse fish. But don’t sit down and wait was announced – the fish should be searched, make many meters, and fish in many areas. Little tackle & luggage was with.

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Everything Is Ready For the Fishing Tournament in Mar Del Plata

I found this note also the terms and conditions of the fishing city of Mar del Plata tournament.

The organizers of the fishing tournament city of Mar del Plata met on Wednesday 25 September to finalize details of the Organization, security and cleanliness. Continue reading “Everything Is Ready For the Fishing Tournament in Mar Del Plata”

Best Bait For Trout Fishing

The bait for trout fishing are as varied as precisely the quantity of species of trout that exist throughout the world. The natural bait for the trout vs artificial baits are topics of discussion in terms of effectiveness, and every fisherman is a book apart in terms of this decision. But in today’s brief article, I’m going to count in my experience when fishing for trout, which both natural and artificial baits I have been most helpful and with whom I made bigger catches. Before proceeding, let me ask you something…, have already captured your first trout? You’ve already enjoyed the delight and the adrenaline of a capture of this beautiful specimen? Let me tell you friend that if you’ve not had such Bliss take a good-sized trout, I want to help it through this brief writing. They are a BATALLADORA species of fresh water, with a force and thrust that can be compared him to any sea as fish to battle refers. Continue reading “Best Bait For Trout Fishing”

What to Wear for Winter Fishing

One of the peculiarities of the CARP fishing is that it is a static fishing. This nice feature in summer becomes a barrier in fall and winter.

However, you can always catch carp in the winter if you know the method and the ways to protect from the cold.

Winter carp fishing clothing, the method of the 3 layers for you protect from the cold!

For fishing in the winter, some principles and some dedicated to carp fishing tackle equipment are more important than others. This is the case of the principle ‘3 layers’ clothing.

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