Plus Size Blue Dress Christina Hendricks – XL Dress

Check Out Beautiful Plus Size Blue Dress Options Of Christina Hendricks And Storm In The Club!

Christina Hendricks is an American actress, known internationally for your character in Mad Men, a series of TV. Its beauty is indisputable, being voted by readers of Esquire magazine as the sexiest woman in the world in 2010. Christina Hendricks does not fit in the inhuman standards of thinness of Hollywood. So she and your beautiful blue dress are the inspiration for today’s post. Continue reading “Plus Size Blue Dress Christina Hendricks – XL Dress”

Individual Dresses: You Have the Choice!

Individual Dresses: Checks

The country style skirt has deep V-neckline at the front and back. Here it is sewn from two checkered cotton fabrics.  Belt: American Apparel. Shoes: Comptoir des Cotonniers. Karokleid to order for 59 Euro.
The way to the desired dress: Continue reading “Individual Dresses: You Have the Choice!”

Carol Celico Floral Short Dress – Summer Dresses

Check Out Floral Short Dress Options From Carol Celico And Inspiration On Summer Dresses!

Carol Celico is a brazilian gospel singer and socialite, best known for being the wife of the soccer player Kaká. Thus, due to the attention that your husband gets the media, Carol Celico is also often placed in the spotlight. For being a very elegant Lady, Carol Celico became synonymous with sophistication, merged by the discretion that your career as a gospel singer, and innovation in their looks. Continue reading “Carol Celico Floral Short Dress – Summer Dresses”

Lace Dress for The Godmothers: 6 Tips to Shoot the Look

The bride’s dress is the most attention-grabbing item in a wedding, after all, everyone expects to see her in a gorgeous dress. Secondly, it is important to highlight the dresses of the bridesmaids, which are also in evidence, being essential that they are dressed appropriately, according to the level of the occasion. Continue reading “Lace Dress for The Godmothers: 6 Tips to Shoot the Look”

Ballad Outfits For Various Man Styles

It does not matter what type of ballad you like to go: sertanejo, rock or electronic. We’ve separated some suggestions of combinations that will fit into various situations and we’ll also share some tips for you to create your own comfortable yet stylish full of style to enjoy the ballad. Continue reading “Ballad Outfits For Various Man Styles”

Ten Tips To Seduce With Clothing

Sex wearing sexy clothes can be a lot more interesting than it looks. Transparencies, slits, tight pieces, tight shirts and jeans… any piece can be an element of seduction. The way you dress- and also how you dress – says a lot about how you look and what you look for. So explore your sensuality and let your partner go crazy. Try following the tips below to light up the passion! Continue reading “Ten Tips To Seduce With Clothing”

The Groom’s Clothing

Like any ritual, marriage also has its rules and they are not only official but also visual. Even young grooms or bold-minded ones should surrender to tradition. The basic rule is: the groom should be sober but remembering that traditional dressing does not mean taking your clothes off the chest.

The groom’s clothing can be updated in detail in the modeling or complements, but the fashion side should be left for another opportunity. If you choose a balanced outfit, you can even wear it again. Check out the main options below: Continue reading “The Groom’s Clothing”

Short Wedding Dresses

There are dates in people’s lives that are striking and memorable for the rest of their lives, and engagement may be one of them.

And to mark this date dressed with models of dresses for engagement OR marriage in short models is an issue that must start from the personal taste of each woman. Continue reading “Short Wedding Dresses”