Patchwork of Paper Coat the Wall

Remains of an old wallpaper showcase turned a cheerful panel in the Garimpo Fuxique store and gave a special coloring to the scene. “I wanted to recycle the leftovers from the catalog and set up a different panel,” says Ana Strumpf, owner of the store and creator of the vibrant blend. One afternoon, she chose the pieces, composed the pictures and filled the 12-square-meter wall.  Continue reading “Patchwork of Paper Coat the Wall”

Find out How to Decorate a Table for Christmas Dinner

To get your family and friends at Christmas, the table is well lit for a date so special, as it is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. So, in addition to serving special dishes, find out how to decorate a table for Christmas dinner. So, find out how to decorate a table for Christmas dinner and let your beautiful environment and prepared to receive friends and family on this day so important. Continue reading “Find out How to Decorate a Table for Christmas Dinner”

The Qlock Two – Stylish Clock Without Hands but with Text

Biegert & Funk have devised a new type of time display with the QLOCKTWO which not just as a clock is to recognize, but rather remembered a picture with modern typography in the first moment. Continue reading “The Qlock Two – Stylish Clock Without Hands but with Text”

Tell Me What You Like to do and I’ll Tell You What is Yours

They say that there is no better toy than a box, and I personally think that who said that phrase was all a wise (and good observer), because reason is not lacking. But you don’t need to be a kid to enjoy with a box. Adults also know play – and recycle. So today bring you boxes for everyone. Just to be clear about what you like to do, and voila… you will find which is the box that best suits you. Continue reading “Tell Me What You Like to do and I’ll Tell You What is Yours”

Blue in the Bathroom

Blue inspires you? You are told why a blue bathroom is ideal to experience this feeling of well being and serenity…

Referring to the natural elements, the blue is a color that is particularly suited to the bathroom. Depending on its intensity, this colour suggests multiple sensations: the dynamism, the freshness, purity and good being,… But beware, point too does. A bathroom to the total look blue can be oppressive. So it’s best to opt for touches of blue, which, combined with

Continue reading “Blue in the Bathroom”

10 Delicious Buffet Options for Outdoor Wedding

When a couple decides to do the outdoor wedding it is necessary to remember that this environment can have several characteristics, such as modern, traditional,  rustic or with direct contact with nature.

While these factors are decisive for anyone who wants a successful marriage, the outdoor setting also calls for some tighter definitions, such as the buffet. Continue reading “10 Delicious Buffet Options for Outdoor Wedding”

Outdoor Lighting – New Lamp

Many outdoor lights are from the HQL ban affected and must or LED system be converted to either an HQI. Of course, not the question which system makes the most sense is for us. Continue reading “Outdoor Lighting – New Lamp”