A Study Area In The Living Room

While not everyone can have a room dedicated to the studio, almost all have a laptop, documents, books and some office supplies to keep. Placing them in a certain area, even small, will be useful to keep everything in order and work in comfort.

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Ideas For Making A Candy Bar

The table that most triumphs in the wedding

If you are organizing your wedding, surely you are already aware of all the nuptial tendencies and, of course, the famous Candy Bar. This is the sweetest corner of the entire wedding, where guests are offered several types of mouth-watering sweet snacks. We give you ideas to organize a Candy Bar that no one can resist!

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7 Keys To Decorating A Slow Home

each day comes into more homes and is not surprising, who doesn’t want a welcoming House, living, warm and homelike? The philosophy #slowlife advocating living life more slowly, enjoying every little moment and savoring the small everyday pleasures. Continue reading “7 Keys To Decorating A Slow Home”

7 Ideas To Decorate A House With Little Money

Are you going to become independent? Do you have a low budget for your new home? Do not worry, in this post we tell you the keys and ideas to decorate a house with little money and finally get the house of your dreams. Continue reading “7 Ideas To Decorate A House With Little Money”

How to Clean the Garden Furniture

Days, literally, three to make official the summer through the door, but all of us already weeks doing life, or at least spending some hours, in summer plan. We have terrace or garden at home know the enormous luck that this supposed to enjoy this time of the year… but also know the work represented give the proper care and maintenance all parts of furniture and decoration that are part of our outdoor patio. Continue reading “How to Clean the Garden Furniture”

Decorate Children’s Rooms

When interior designer Christel Månsson to decorate children’s rooms will be inviting rooms bathed in light and has generous soft carpets, the children they want to be on the floor.

Soft forms is something that I think is important in children’s rooms. I do not have any sharp corners that kids can run in and hurt himself.Should you have a small table, I think it is good to use a disk there.

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Lavender Wedding Decorations

Ornaments and decorations for a lavender marriage: here are many romantic ideas for your wedding day! Lavender marriage is perfect for brides who want to bet on a romantic style, shabby chic and sophisticated. In fact this kind of nuance lends itself very well to realize specific and evocative atmosphere, perfect for a summer wedding outdoors, both for a reception in the Hall. Let us see together How to arrange a wedding theme Lavender! Continue reading “Lavender Wedding Decorations”

Halloween DIY Decorations

We are really winding down! You are planning a Halloween party to entertain your kids and do you still miss a few ideas simple to accomplish? Don’t worry the site is ready to run to your rescue with many ghostly DIY decorations to be realized mainly with the help of children.

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Cheap American Flag Home Decor

American flag so often and so interesting to use in interior design that has become a true decorative element. Today for you – the American flag as a way to decorate the interior.

American flag in general very decorative – red and white stripe plus a blue field with stars – it is beautiful, bright and dynamic, hence the popularity of this design. The American flag is used not only in its original bright red, white and blue version, but also, in the dim. See what turned a wonderful color palette in this interior and how well it fit the American flag on the pillow.

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