15 Creative Ideas To Replace The Traditional Flower Pot

Flowers are synonymous with joy and combine very creatively. So you can take advantage of imagination in time to create a vase for the arrangement. Customized bottles and the lining of an old umbrella, for example, are more cost-effective, sustainable alternatives and fun. Check out some solutions for the flower pot and get inspired!

Reuse is the Buzzword these days. So, grab the cans of chocolate, olive oil and tomato sauce that went to waste and turn it into a small decorative vases. They can be painted with plastic paint or encapadas with fabric and hot glue.

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Fruit Decoration: 5 Items to Take Them Into the House

Forget the Swan carved in watermelon or melon bear. Let the Beautiful Cookbook Gil to there. No, it has nothing to do with detox or Carmen Miranda. We like the fruit is in the decoration!

In addition to vibrant colors, fruits are excellent patterns that can be applied in various corners of the House or in any environment, since the intent is to give a retro guy or fun. Objects in formats of fruit came with everything in pop culture. Remember the pinapple jar Dona Nenê, in “the grid”? This jar is disputed the tapas by prospectors of thrift store. Continue reading “Fruit Decoration: 5 Items to Take Them Into the House”

Save Money With Low-Cost Wedding Favors!

With the arrival of the wedding period it is natural that the bride and groom are concerned about the details of the party and even how not to spend too much.

In any case to save on this date it is necessary to review all the preparations of the marriage. It is possible to organize all the details leaving the wedding cheaper, however, elegant and beautiful. Continue reading “Save Money With Low-Cost Wedding Favors!”

Small Kitchens Decoration

I love talking about kitchens, you’ve probably noticed, I’m always giving a hint or two to your kitchen decor, but I noticed that I had been talking about small kitchens decor. Small kitchens are so common and many people have, so could not stop talking about this subject. I decided to separate some tips and show you some pictures of small kitchens to inspire you. Continue reading “Small Kitchens Decoration”

Flag Day

The celebration of flag day was constituted as a symbolic element of the construction of brazilian national identity, the day of the flag symbolizes the brazilian nation.

On day 19 of November celebrates the Day of flag of Brazil , this celebration became part of the history of the country after the proclamation of the Republic in 1889. With the end of the Imperial period (1822-1889), the flag drawn by Jean Baptiste Debret, which represented the Empire, was replaced by Decio Vilares design. Continue reading “Flag Day”

The Groom’s Clothing

Like any ritual, marriage also has its rules and they are not only official but also visual. Even young grooms or bold-minded ones should surrender to tradition. The basic rule is: the groom should be sober but remembering that traditional dressing does not mean taking your clothes off the chest.

The groom’s clothing can be updated in detail in the modeling or complements, but the fashion side should be left for another opportunity. If you choose a balanced outfit, you can even wear it again. Check out the main options below: Continue reading “The Groom’s Clothing”

Internet Speed of Light: Second Career of the LED Lamp

Wi-Fi on the ceiling: this is not science fiction, but should become a reality this year. Under laboratory conditions at the Fraunhofer Institute the data transmission via LED lamps is already excellent, with mega-fast transfer rates of up to 800mbits/s. Continue reading “Internet Speed of Light: Second Career of the LED Lamp”

Westwing Tab for Living Room Table Lamp

Our house is the most precious place we have, it is something like our temple, which we take care of with all care and we want to make it beautiful, organized and with our face, expressing in every detail a little of our personality, even if it is done unconsciously. When investing in decorating, it is also worth following some tips to make the place more and more beautiful as the use of lamps for living room. Continue reading “Westwing Tab for Living Room Table Lamp”

Dvelas Living Sails Furniture

Sailing enthusiasts call! Now you have not only the spring and the first releases prospect boat so rejoice, but also the possibility of beautiful objects that surround you will not if you do not direct your thoughts to your favorite sport. Although the sails have a certain horizon life beyond which they wear out and must be replaced, in fact, their tissue-as you well know – is particularly resistant, and after retirement may find a worthy place as a raw material for fashion and design objects. Continue reading “Dvelas Living Sails Furniture”