Against Blessed Gloves

With the blessing of Pope Francisco goalkeeper Torrico shone while defending two charges of penalty

Rio Grande do Sul-the Guild even managed to return to the 1 0 defeat suffered in the game, two weeks ago in Buenos Aires, but was defeated by the San Lorenzo by 4 to 2 on penalty shootout and was eliminated in the round of Libertadores Cup final , on Wednesday, in the Arena, in Porto Alegre. And the classification of the current Argentine champion had the hero goalkeeper Sebastian Torrico. Little more than four months after having had his gloves blessed by Pope Francisco, Club supporter, when he was with the team’s delegation to the Vatican view the Initial Tournament trophy, the Archer had performance safe in 90 minutes and defended two penalties, and Maxi Rodríg uez. In this way, the 12 shirt overshadowed the goal scored by Dudu. Continue reading “Against Blessed Gloves”

Getting To Know The E-BIKES-Sustainable Bicycles

The generation of energy today corresponds to one of the subjects most discussed in round tables that debate on the future of the environment.

Every day more and more people are interested in seeking some sustainable means to generate clean energy and easy renewal, so that it is possible to contribute effectively to the environment and also to society, with the main objective of developing a quality future for Future generations.

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Tips for Cycling in the City

The bicycle is a means of great transport, not only allows us to stay fit even for short trips, but its definitely convenient and it saves us time and money. Face the town with cycling, however, has its disadvantages as well as many merits. Traffic, speed and often distracting to motorists, for example, are factors to be taken into consideration. We see all the best tips for cycling in the city!

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How To Put My Bike Seatpost

The position of the saddle depends a lot on what type of cyclist you practice is practice. For each discipline, the position of the saddle changes a little. These are some of the practices cyclists: Dh, xc, 4 x, bmx, route, Triathlon, etc. The position of the saddle also depends on a little if you are male or female and what kind of competition cyclist to go do. Like almost everything put right the saddle seems easy, but there is a bit of science.

Also of interest: As for the bicycle saddle on the correct height

Position of the saddle according to sex

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Garmin Edge 800 – New GPS Bike Computer with Touch Screen

At the EUROBIKE 2010 wheel which next week will begin in Friedrichshafen, reveals Garmin a world novelty: the edge 800 is the first “pure-bred” GPS-bike computer with touch screen. In addition to the sporty luxurious carbon design convinces the new top model for cyclists, especially with its new, intuitive and clearly arranged menu navigation as well as a colour touchscreen display, which is perfectly readable in all lighting conditions. Continue reading “Garmin Edge 800 – New GPS Bike Computer with Touch Screen”

How to Adjust Bike Saddle

The bicycle is one of the world’s most widely-used means of transport, for work or hobbies. You have to make the best use of this means of transport. Following rules and precise guides to avoid health problems or simple embarrassment or inconveniences during use. Moderate your speed is not an advice but show you how make good use and for example how to adjust bike saddle may be useful for large riders and small, they have a greater need to move safely and serenity.

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