A Jacket That Turns Sleeping Bag To Help Street Dwellers

Homeless people are perhaps the saddest consequence of striking social inequality, even in richer countries. In Detroit alone, more than 18,000 people are homeless – a social circumstance gets more complicated during the cold winter months. To address the issue, design student  Veronika Scott has  developed a clever multifunctional piece:  Element S (urvival). The Product is an inexpensive, high insulated winter jacket that quickly and easily turns into a sleeping bag. Continue reading “A Jacket That Turns Sleeping Bag To Help Street Dwellers”

Camping Chapay, JunÍN, Buenos Aires

The Chapay campsite, in the lagoon of Junín, is where you can enjoy nature in peace and nautical activities.

10 km from the city of Junín, in the Laguna de Gómez Natural Park is located the Camping Chapay which has an extension of 4 ha. (4 blocks), delimited with Olympic fencing and an old grove. Continue reading “Camping Chapay, JunÍN, Buenos Aires”

Hammock Insulation

In the summer there is nothing better than lying in the hammock with a cool breeze and reading a book. One is grateful for the light wind cooling one’s back. But as soon as it gets a bit fresher out there, this feature of the hammock suddenly no longer feels so pleasant. Often this fact is a KO criterion for approaching Hammock campers. There are some effective methods for counteracting the cold from below.

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Therm-A-Rest Z-Lite

There are mattresses in every imaginable color and shape. If you want to be particularly easy on the road, you do not usually get around a closed-cell foam mattress. These camping mats are extremely robust and have a very good ratio of the R-value to the weight. Also the Z-Lite of Therm-a-rest belongs in this category of camping mats. But what differentiates this mat from others?

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Review Of Zip Sweater X-Air, Solo Lady Thermo

The Blouse Zip X-Air Lady Thermo it is a model of second skin (base layer) of the soil. The main proposal is that she keep dry skin, facilitating the flow of sweat for your fabric and evaporation. The general impression on the shirt is excellent! The fabric is extremely comfortable, stay away from humidity, is breathable and dries fast still. Modeling is great and makes her a second skin super versatile. See below for more detailed and technical information.

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Addendum to the 3rd McTREK Tent Show

On Saturday, the 10.05.2014 the 3 large McTREK tent show in Kassel took place. 24 models of the top tent outfitter from our McTREK Oudoor sports range were issued. Here are some impressions for all this time have not managed to stop by. Continue reading “Addendum to the 3rd McTREK Tent Show”

3 Tips From One Experienced Camper

You know, what are you doing this summer? Maybe they still doubt, maybe you have already booked. Nader Paarhuis, a loyal customer of Obelink already knows. With almost 10 years of camping experience she’s going this year with her boyfriend to France, to camp there a couple of weeks. As she earlier each summer went with her parents and brothers with the caravan to Austria, she has decided to continue this tradition with her boyfriend.

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