Be Like A Fish In The Water Through The Private Speedo Swimsuit Sale

All water sports lovers know this brand. In for men and women, Speedo swimsuit is one of the most known and recognized brands. With summer approaching, the swimsuit issue arises.Finished taken head, a private Speedo swimsuit sale will open Saturday, June 9 at 9:00 and will end Tuesday, June 12 at 6:00. We therefore conducted a small selection of Speedo on models (link:, ( and (link: so that you are ready to pounce on bargains!

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Objective: I Need To Get Into That Bikini!

Officially, the summer begins June 21. That gives us time to start preparing our silhouette, but ojo!, is shortly to start to wear less clothing. This means to let in evidence that not reafirmadas areas of our bodies and it is clear that we will not get without effort, as well as, 3, 2, 1… kick off to the great aim: I need to get into that bikini! Continue reading “Objective: I Need To Get Into That Bikini!”

Operation Bikini

With summer around the corner and the first rays of Sun, comes the concern not to be so shaped how we would like to. We also remember the excesses that we have been dragged from Christmas past, Easter or that sportswear carrying intact inside the Cabinet for too long. So, it’s time to get down to work! Continue reading “Operation Bikini”

The Best Products for the Hours of Sunshine

The line of terracotta by Guerlain. The cooling tanning spray “Legs of Gazelles”, a foundation with shimmer effect, the Sun serum and the tinted self tanning gel “Terracotta Sunless”.

Protection and beauty lie close together. And so much we long for the Sun, that wait can be long enough to, care about it should not be forgotten also. With these sunny products, however you can enjoy summer to the fullest. Continue reading “The Best Products for the Hours of Sunshine”

Fashion Plus Size Beach: Bikinis And Other Ideal Pieces For Chubby

Many people still argue that whoever is chubby should not wear a bikini. They could not be more wrong. Television and fashion editorials end up imposing a pattern of beauty that does not correspond to reality, reinforcing a sense of insecurity and non-acceptance of one’s own body among women. Continue reading “Fashion Plus Size Beach: Bikinis And Other Ideal Pieces For Chubby”

Bermuda Men Summer 2012: Our Top 3 At La Redoute

The approach of summer, it’s time to choose his swimsuit or shorts for men.If you do not like too sticky swimsuits, near the body, opt for a beautiful bath man at La Redoute bermuda. You’ll like what the site offers now on bath shorts.

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Types of Swimwear That You Should Not Use

Holiday and summer is time for beach and pool, so choose a nice bathing suit is essential so you don’t get ugly in the photo, it’s okay to be chubby and jockeys and not be very white and much less be too skinny. Just stay tuned for cool models and adapt to your body.

But of course we’re not going to let you look bad on the beach and will tell you the models of swimwear that you should not use.

Speedo white

No “I’m moreno and white trunks will enhance my Tan …”. No, man. White trunks is dangerous, most often lack the required reinforcement and the thong is transparent. And always looks a bit that you’re in your underwear. Avoid. Continue reading “Types of Swimwear That You Should Not Use”

Marks and Spencer Swimwear Discount

No need to look far to find of the swimwear trends for summer 2012. The brand Marks and Spencer offers beautiful swimwear neon and flowery on sale at -20% and-30%. And if you enjoy these small discounts for having a swimsuit for summer? Get help from our selection balance swimsuit summer 2012 to find the swimsuit summer 2012 you need !

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Spring Summer 2016 Swimwear

Spring officially started day 21 September 2016 and it officially opened the season of heat in the country, as the two station almost get confused in terms of high temperatures and Sun generous.

The catwalks, some news for the swimwear, especially the bikinis. As usual, not lost, everything is transformed, and some models of the past come back this season.

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