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Morena Rosa collection Summer 2014-News, trends, tips and Pictures

Today the Not1 Blog will talk about the latest collection of Morena Rosa Released, the 2014 Summer, check out news for the station, what are the trends and models and pictures to inspire you. See: Continue reading “Morena Rosa Collection Summer”

Essential Items For A Summer With Style

Here in Brazil it works more or less like this, little cold and heat all year round.

Nothing better than being able to enjoy all that heat, is spring or summer. For that, we must be prepared. With that in mind, we put together a wishlist of products indispensable in our closet.

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Check Reasons Why Women Are Afraid to Face the Bikini

Research Shows That 40% Of Them Avoid The Piece Because They Are Overweight

It seems contradictory, but it is proven in research: women are uninhibited when taking off their clothes for the partner, but feel absolutely uncomfortable when dressing the most used costume of the station.The problem is not being overweight. It is also not to assume the fat in intimacy with the partner. It’s really difficult to face the bikini. Continue reading “Check Reasons Why Women Are Afraid to Face the Bikini”

8 Types of Panties that Woman Must Have in Closet

If there’s one piece of clothing that every woman, without exception, have in the closet, this piece is the panties. Great for day to day and also for those special occasions, it’s almost impossible to live without them. However, many women may not know is that the types of panties go far beyond that piece of cotton – even you, girl, you’re reading this post has in the bottom tray. Doubt it? So pay attention on this list and check if you have all of them in your collection (if you don’t have, this is a good opportunity to have, right?). Continue reading “8 Types of Panties that Woman Must Have in Closet”

How to Choose Lingerie According to Body Type

Each woman has characteristics that make it unique. Just look at any group of women to know that none is equal. With so many differences in measurements and body formats, choose a piece of clothing, for example, is not always an easy task. Imagine Choosing lingerie. It is much more complicated, doesn’t it? Continue reading “How to Choose Lingerie According to Body Type”

How to Increase Volume When I’m In AaSwim Suit

Do you want to learn how to increase the volume when you are in a swimming trunks? We can help you! If you do not see the time for your vacations to arrive so that you can enjoy your days of rest on a beach ,swimming pool or even on a yacht, we will give you essential tips to make you feel confident and beautiful in your trunks. Some men end up with a certain fear of the “shrinkage” that the water causes in their genitals, if you feel it when you are in the water, forget once and for all this problem with our tips! Continue reading “How to Increase Volume When I’m In AaSwim Suit”

Slippers: Which Shoes Are the Best on the Beach?

Some time ago the slippers were often boring. All models were equal and had not much to do with shoe fashion.
At the present time, the slippers are an important accessory on the beach. Appealing designs, various materials and all possible patterns and colors make these slippers to the eye-catcher. Continue reading “Slippers: Which Shoes Are the Best on the Beach?”

Be Like A Fish In The Water Through The Private Speedo Swimsuit Sale

All water sports lovers know this brand. In for men and women, Speedo swimsuit is one of the most known and recognized brands. With summer approaching, the swimsuit issue arises.Finished taken head, a private Speedo swimsuit sale will open Saturday, June 9 at 9:00 and will end Tuesday, June 12 at 6:00. We therefore conducted a small selection of Speedo on models (link:, ( and (link: so that you are ready to pounce on bargains!

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Objective: I Need To Get Into That Bikini!

Officially, the summer begins June 21. That gives us time to start preparing our silhouette, but ojo!, is shortly to start to wear less clothing. This means to let in evidence that not reafirmadas areas of our bodies and it is clear that we will not get without effort, as well as, 3, 2, 1… kick off to the great aim: I need to get into that bikini! Continue reading “Objective: I Need To Get Into That Bikini!”

Operation Bikini

With summer around the corner and the first rays of Sun, comes the concern not to be so shaped how we would like to. We also remember the excesses that we have been dragged from Christmas past, Easter or that sportswear carrying intact inside the Cabinet for too long. So, it’s time to get down to work! Continue reading “Operation Bikini”