Carol Celico Floral Short Dress – Summer Dresses

Check Out Floral Short Dress Options From Carol Celico And Inspiration On Summer Dresses!

Carol Celico is a brazilian gospel singer and socialite, best known for being the wife of the soccer player Kaká. Thus, due to the attention that your husband gets the media, Carol Celico is also often placed in the spotlight. For being a very elegant Lady, Carol Celico became synonymous with sophistication, merged by the discretion that your career as a gospel singer, and innovation in their looks.

Carol Celico was clicked using a nice floral short dress with Baroque tendency. This beautiful summer dresses model is the inspiration for today’s post. Check it out and be inspired!

The floral short dress of Carol Celico has the Baroque trend as inspiration, so there are angels in print, remembering the frescoes in the churches of the 17th and 18th centuries. In addition, the modeling of the short dress is fluffy, but without exaggeration, allowing a slight outline of the bust and hips, without scoring. To break the “force” that the pattern has Baroque, there are delicate ruffles at the neckline and shoulders.

Where To Buy Floral Short Dress Options From Carol Celico?

Online stores offer a wide range of choices of floral short dress, the variety is such that it’s hard to choose, so it is worth to keep in mind that specific type of floral short dress you want, for example: medium length with black background; Super short with loose and modeling nude background; In addition to the price you can afford. This helps in choosing and searching.

Check below some options of short floral dress based on breathtakingdresses for inspiration on summer dresses!

Floral Short Dress Options
#1 Floral Short Dress

This floral short dress features a t-shirt modeling, namely, t-shirt, super loose and comfortable. Thus, the modeling is focused on showing the legs and hide the other regions, especially the belly.

In addition, the pattern of flowers also has the Baroque trend, but softer than the print short dress of Carol Celico. Invest in a snub to form a look more rock ‘n’ roll or in a shoe and belt for a more delicate look.

#2 Floral Short Dress

This floral short dress has on your delicacy and romanticism modern strengths. First, modeling is one of the more value the body, similar to the neckline with strapless, valuing the neck, waist and fluffy skirt, hiding the chubbiness. But it’s the combination of floral print with Black Lace aquarelada does this short dress be different and special.

#3 Floral Short Dress

This floral short dress also has a modeling that values the body with waist and bust well delineated and fluffy skirt. But there are other interesting elements, such as two draped fabric in the center of the body, extending from the bust to the skirt, the pattern with red flowers and transparencies in the shoulder and lap, giving more modernity to the short dress.

#4 Floral Short Dress

This floral short dress with long sleeves is also a model of winter dresses. The focus of this short dress is a combination of flowers with the animal print pattern, forming a look sexy without exaggeration. In addition, the modeling values the body, outlining the bust and waist and being more loose in the room.

Floral short dress has become the new little black dress of brazilian fashion! I hope you enjoyed it!