Cardigan For Women’s Fashion

Continuing with the fashion winter 2012, let’s talk today of a widely used piece in any season, the cardigan for women’s fashion.

In Brazil, which is a country of extremes, the cardigan became a key piece of clothing for those who travel between States, because in a single day is several different types of weather and in all of them must be in fashion.

Gisele Bündchen and other famous are using quite the cardigans of fashion:

As you can see, there are several different types of cardigans, all of them for a special type of look and body; He heats up this winter and can be used in the spring.

The cardigan allows several different types of combinations on the look. There are thecardigans retro and the cardigans with a more innovative.

(click on the images below to enlarge)

The cardigan fair is quite sexy, especially if used with a neckline, leaving open the first buttons, as shown in the second picture of the images above.

Usually the cardigan is worn over any shirt, but can be used alone, but be careful! Make sure the cardigan is not transparent and that it’s not too cold in the environment that you’re going to rss…

The cardigans used with belt give a feminine touch and mark harder the waist feminine helping to give a more skinny to the silhouette.

A most basic look is to use the cardigan transparent or leaked with a basic t-shirt and jeans like showing on

It’s quite sensual and also protects from the cold if there is no wind.

The lack of belt the cardigan leaves a more stripped down, look younger and less formal.

How this cardigan the left is presented is designed to give a more defined body; Note that the cardigan starts wide open neck and go closing in “V” on his lap until the waist line, where it begins to open again until it is completely open on the hip.

This drawing that the cardigan makes gives a good emagrecida his wife.

A cardigan over fluffy helps disguise the love handles and nieces the more typical of winter… rss…

The cardigan with belt is a great option, it calls a necklace and a folded sleeve. Other accessories such as: clock or chain are also welcome.

Is it ai agent, those were the cardigans for women’s fashion that I separated for you.

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