Camping Club ParanÁ, Ramallo

The camping Club Paraná, in Ramallo, province of Buenos Aires, to enjoy the camping on the banks of the Paraná river, to make fishing excursions or to enjoy the swimming pools.

Today the visitor is going to find a camping in full renovation, and as always be with a tent.
Renovation, because we had to prune the older trees, to protect them from the winds, and we have made an intensive planting of new willow specimens, which are developing very fast, for that reason we have installed the canvas ceilings on the tables , To ensure shade in the noon hours, and apart from providing that shadow, have contributed to beautify more space.

The most important feature of our campsite is tranquility, which is why it stands out today, the proof is that it is not very big, it only has the surface of one and a half hectares, and can be full, you will not miss the family atmosphere And peace of mind that many customers come to seek.

Our best advertisement is the comments of people who have been through our site and can see it on our Facebook page, we have been in administration for two seasons, and despite the last floods suffered in the previous season, (this did not affect us Since we made slopes that protected us from it), our loyal customers, did not abandon us.
The one who visits us once, it is very rare that he does not return and that he does not leave without greeting and personally thank the treatment of all the people who form the team.

Our location, 4 blocks from the city center, and 4 blocks from most of the restaurants on the coast, gives visitors the tranquility of walking, without needing to take your car from the internal parking.
It is worth noting the popular cultural activity of the city, manifested in the carnivals, which begin this year on January 7 and extend until the last weekend of February, with the participation of murgas, comparsas, batucadas, and floats.
Regarding the possible activities to be carried out, we can highlight the walks along the coast of Ramallo, to the mouth of the stream Las Hermanas, where it is still possible to observe species of native trees, bird watching, and at the same time, dazzle With the impressive overseas boats that sail through the deep channels that take those boats to the ports located upstream, in our party and in the zone of Puerto San Martín and Rosario.

Also the sunrises and sunsets, have their own characteristic, one of the most beautiful postcards is the exit of the full moon in the river, we call it the red moon of Parana Pavón, it is impressive.
The dawn of each day, comes with the natural alarm of the singing of birds that live in the area, with the song of the thrush, always in a hurry and before dawn and with the impressive chorus of birds, in the morning, there is no More tranquility than a few mates in the cool of the morning and admiring the river and its grandeur.

In our coasts, the width of the Paraná River, reaches its greatest dimension, with more than 4 kilometers wide, is one of the widest areas of Paraná, throughout its route.

The gastronomy of the area, stands out for the traditional roasted boga, very traditional dish in the area, and you can get dorado, surubí, to be able to eat at the campsite, since we have direct relation with many artisanal fishermen of the city.
The very fresh days can be used to visit the shrine of the Virgin of the Rosary in the neighboring city of San Nicolás, or the ruins and historical site of the battle of Vuelta de Obligado, both about 20 km away.
For very fanatic fishermen you can organize fishing trips in the area of ​​islands, where the pique is always bigger, accompanied by some local artisanal fisherman.

There are offers for contingents such as schools, groups of scouts, ie large groups, using the enclosed space of the cabin, which is equipped with bathroom with showers other than those installed for camping, has in addition, internal barbecue, kitchen, oven Pizero, refrigerator and freezer.
In addition, as an option, use is available in that air conditioner space.
About 80 boys go to sleep in this space.
All this with the use of the pools, and the camping facilities.