Call: Do You Wish the Fashion in Larger Sizes?

Often, Women In Large Sizes Know Pretty Much What We Like To Want To Buy Fashion And Wear.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get it in the trade.

It’s not only the end consumer, things in the hands where I think often fall me in wholesale: Neeeiiiin! Please, don’t!! What we ladies want different!

We want no tents, no bulky bags, no “waist shift” under the breast, not a Plünnen.

Ultimately, we want to wear the fashion, which offered also slim women.Just a few sizes larger.

Although the plus-size fashion market is growing and growing it is not always easy to find fashion that can shine on us.

I Think Some Time To Produce His Own Small Collection About It, Thanks To A Contact Through A Wholesaler I Would Now Have The Opportunity To Do.

It should be not too festive and exciting, liked me and the clients the most simple parts with a certain something.

At the store, certain cuts, shapes, materials and colors have established as Favorites and best sellers. Nevertheless, I would like to know what would make you happy.

So My Questions To You:

What is your favorite part?

Which cut has emerged as the most beneficial for your character?

What do you wish to be able to buy friends eagerly?

What’s missing in the world of fashion make you happy?

What substances do you prefer wear?

What colors (except black)?

I appreciate your opinion and wishes right here in the comments. If you send me pictures of your favorite parts (at inescordes [at] I’m from the cottage. Thank you very much!