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I was already frequently asked with good value for money especially fancy watches. Now it is of course important, what is understood by “failed”- ultimately this is a matter of taste of course.

One embarks on the search for fancy watches on the Web, so you quickly arrive at noble brands like Hublot, which definitely deserve the predicate “failed”, but cost a Fortune (large or small) and often a (mildly) have design need of tolerance. For example the Hublot of big bang in a version with diamonds and rubies for a measly 1 million euro:

On’t worry: I concentrate in the following model overview of course on the latter-true to the motto: “without Aristo Micki”‘

Something should be for all tastes: from sporty to classic, here you can find a good mix of fancy watches of various brands from different price ranges-of course as usual including many images, sources of supply, and price-performance tips!

Alexander Shorokhoff: Unusual clocks with bonds from the art

Alexander Shorokhoff-a not very well-known brand that but definitely need to find mention in this post, is named after the eponymous Moscow entrepreneurwho in 1991 moved to Germany, only 1 year later went into the watch business with sales of Russian Poljot watch brand. Alexander Shorokhoff brand was founded in 2003 under the motto

Art on your wrist.

Under this guiding principle is a flashy watches design which is inspired by Russian and international art,”Hand Made in Germany” quality are combined. The brand is located in the in the lower to middle luxury segment, achieving a relatively wide audience. The target audience is at the same time

Watch lovers who want to join not the mainstream.

The models are designed in any case with all sorts of style fractions: such as the Alexander Shorokhoff wasBarbara from the Avantgarde model series, which won the German Design Award “Special Mention” in 2016 and designed in honor of the famous jazz musician Barbara Dennerlein. The very detailed processed dial in the Piano-style touch keys in the Middle can be seen in any case more than (images: Alexander Shorokhoff):

Price point for this very unusual without question, strongly limited model with Swiss ETA 2824 automatic calibre, domed Sapphire Crystal and 43, 5 mm diameter: €1815.

Another unusual model of Alexander Shorokhoff is the RED chronograph hand-winding calibre Russian Poljot 3133, which is considered to be very reliable: in the 70s sold the Swiss raw works manufacturer Valjoux (today part of the swatch group / ETA) its machines with which the chronograph movement 7734 was produced in the Soviet Union. The Russian Poljot watch manufacturers used it since, so to build the almost identical 3133 chronograph movement.

Alexander Shorokhoff christens the RED one chronograph

deliberate provocation,

with a warm shade of red on front glass and glass floor and the red hand winding Crown (with real agate) to draw attention.

The price: nearly €1700.

Fancy watches: housings

Definitely out are square housing forms. One finds this very often at small woman watches, there are also some square Mens Watches that very distinctive look. What does a square clock in any case: you break with the design motto “form follows function”.

The Archetype of a fancy, square watch that is TAG Heuer Monaco, certainly has an interesting historical background : of motor enthusiasts and actor Steve McQueen wanted to in 1970 on base of early racing successes be sure the famous 24-hour race of Le Mans participate in. This was denied however – but he was able to turn some scenes on the race course for the film. The film Le Mans was although not a box-office hit, is a popular film with documentary trains but still in real motor sport fans.

In the frame of the film was Steve McQueen of official brand ambassadors of the brand Heuer and campaigned for the model Monaco rather unconventionally designed Heuer:

The outlandish watch of the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer is not cheap however: it starts from about €2300.

Is a comparatively young (and also pretty expensive) watch brand with headquarters in France Bell & Ross. Exciting detail: one of the founders of the Bell & Ross, the industrial designers Bruno Belamich (“Bell”), his watch career as an intern by Helmut Sinn, former holder of the Frankfurter Spezialuhrenschmide Sinn. There, Belamich and second founder of Carlos could make even the first own clock models Rosillo (“Ross”) (Bell & Ross by sense). Today, the production is located in the Swiss La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Carlos Rosillo explains the philosophy of Bell & Ross so:

“We have four basic principles: readability, performance, precision, and waterproof.” All our watches are characterized by clean lines and timeless elegance. It is a simple and sober design, where each function is indispensable.”

The models of Bell & Ross are hardly below €2500 to get, with unique bonds in the avionics , the instruments watches are definitely an eye-catcher:

A similar design like Bell & Ross has by the way the

aviation model series of small independent watch manufacturer rock hard: from €450 to get a super value for money with Sapphire Crystal and Swiss ETA 2824-2 Elaboré automatic movement – Swiss made and thus a real price-performance tip!

Still a little cheaper driving range with the Junkers horizon. The brand of Junkers is named after Aviation pioneer Hugo Junkers , therefore it’s not surprising that in the models of the Junkers design elements from the avionics such as the artificial horizon in the above model be used.

From scarce €300 for the model horizon you get quality with a Japanese Miyota automatic movement 821A sensible made in Germany. Unfortunately, only scratch-sensitive mineral glass is used.

The brand of Hamilton, which has its roots in the United States and now produces Swiss made quality under the umbrella of the Swatch Group, in addition to classic military watches also has some very modern models in the range: Many Hamilton performances on the big screen (such as the Hamilton Khaki BeLOWZERO in The Martians on the wrist by Matt Damon) support this rather young and modern image of the brand:


The futuristic body design of the Hamilton Khaki BelowZERO deserves all the predicate “failed”: for just over €1000, you get a good Swiss made package with scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal, Swiss ETA automatic movement and warm from 46 mm case in Jet Black. Since the housing made of stainless steel, the weight is relatively high. Checks if necessary whether the clock size really is equal to your ideas.

The 2012 founded watch brand Sevenfriday can be described best with crazy industrial design . With pretty much all watches design conventions breaking, pay models but mainly the very idiosyncratic and outlandish (square) watches design: You can get from approx. €1000 but unfortunately only mineral glassnext to Japanese auto plants. Especially the latter is an Absolute no-go… for a clock at the price actually

Unusual vintage look for your wrist

The above models are to something modern, which may come with the LACO heirloom at his own expense: the model of the historic observation watch manufacturer LACO has a model portfolio, which definitely provides eye-catcher with its (handmade!) extreme used look effects. I have described in detail the history of the brand LACO in this article: LACO Faro B pattern observation Watch: test the historical pilot’s watch.

Also unusual watches made of bronzeare good for an eye-catcher: Never I was addressed as my rock hard so many times on a clock NAV-B bronze.

Clock case made of bronze are especially charming, because they radiate not same bling-bling as gold and are still very striking on the wrist – especially once formed the so-called patina on the bronze clock. This aging effect of bronze, E.g. due to moisture or heat protects the material like a skin from further corrosion. Sensible bronze watches must be also not expensive : go from approx. €300 for models with fully-bronze package.

With me there is the largest collection of bronze watches on the Web:

Fancy watches with skeleton dial

Fancy watches, which are quite rare, are skeleton watches. They do not shine but often with good readability, are but definitely an eye-catcher, allowing the view of the “naked” movement. The downside: skeleton watches are based on the more elaborate production and the lower piece quantities comparatively expensive.

A very unusual clock with skeleton dial and more classic look is E.g. the Tissot T-complication Squelette with 43mm package, double-sided anti-reflective Sapphire Crystal and Swiss automatic movement. Cost: €1400.

The independent Swiss brand Oris has probably currently the most skeleton watches or at least partially skeletonized watch models in the range: from fair around €1100 you can get published, very sporty Oris Williams Engine DateE. g. the 2016. Oris is a long-standing partner of the Williams team and uses 1-environment sent the formula for its marketing communications-the sporty brand i An unusual alternative for small budgets is by the way, for example the Japanese watches brand Orient, whose brand history dates back to 1901 and today is under the umbrella of the Seiko group. The brand Orient has some watches with part skeleton dial and Japanese automatic movement for around €150 in the range.You must forgo scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal however understandably in prices. The design and the General processing are worth but in any case a glimpse! mage there it so at Oris with above.

, By the way: stay away from certain watches, which are often offered on closed shopping portals such as BuyVIP etc.: there from time to time pleasant-sounding (but unknown) watch brands are offered under headings such as “best automatic watches” – very often it’s skeleton watches.

With look at the prices of the unsuspecting customer is amazed not bad: the discounts are usually over 80% – bargain alert? Not at all! The recipe for these “watches” is usually the same: take…

  • Watches made from 100% Chinese production and questionable/cheaper quality,
  • Flashy bling-bling design, is often skeleton watches
  • a fine-sounding brand name, the history, tradition and luxury before Gau applicable and
  • a crazy discount on the EIA, which price psychological animate the unsuspecting bargain-hunters to want to click on “Buy”.

These are usually only China-ticker sold over the Internet through the cheapest processed movements of clockmakers often also not fixable because there is simply no replacement parts available. Other defects such as suddenly falling second hand are also on the agenda.

To say it short: let the finger of such watches, even if they seem like a bargain with views on the price – you are happy with these watches never.

More fancy watches with color accents by SENSE, Hamilton and orient

With a very prominent Red bezel, an extraordinary Crown guard and a diameter of 46mm, the 2016 released is Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman also a very unusual watch model with an color accent. Despite the pretty expansive size of the watch, the model for most should be good portable: the housing material is made of titanium. The unusual model with modified Swiss ETA 2824 automatic movement and very good 80-hour power reserve has a MSRP of just under €1400. Hamilton, there are often pretty good discounts because the trade mark in Germany is still not huge brand awareness. There’s more info here:

A low-cost alternative for the Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman comes back from the Japanese Orient: for only €300 you get a sensible watch with warm out 45, 5 mm with the model “marine sporty” large case and unusual Orange bezel. Too bad, however: It is fitted only scratch-se