Bull and Hunt Leather Bags

At Bull & Hunt, lover of leather bags can discover the new collection.

The label Bull & hunt offers currently new collections for the fashion lovers today. Stylish and trendy leather bags are the perfect complement for the ultimate look. From the Tote to the Messenger all leather case is. Basis for the manufacture of the products is high quality and robust leather in combination with cowhide and canvas, which ensures a very own character with the bags.

Bull & Hunt: Exclusive leather bags for everyone

Leather as the base for the perfect bag? The idea may be nothing new, but in implementing hardly enough water the label Bull & hunt so quickly. The leather material is the basis for robust clothing and durable accessories already since centuries. This trend, nothing has changed until today. But hardly anything is now heavier than still falling with the manufacture of bags made of leather materials. It seems however not to be difficult, to break away from the mainstream and to score points with individuality and failed ideas the designer of the popular labels: Bull & hunt. A special highlight: The natural aspect of the leather not staying outside. Natural leather, cowhide, and fixed canvas are processed in the pockets of the label. The name stands for innovative ideas coming across almost been a little stubborn but always stylish, smart and just casual.

The special feature of the pockets of the label is above all the versatility with which the natural materials are combined. The leather items, the coat and the sturdy canvas leather bags make tasteful accessories.

Trendy collections with reversible covers and WOW effect

The search for a great leather bag a stop at the label Bull is % hunt necessarily recommended. The bags are not only practical but really innovative. The Messenger bags for him and have practical turn cover and allow you this way, to give a new look to your pocket. Simply remove the cover and make a simple leather bag a cowhide leather bag.

You would like to change, would not constantly change the bag? Then, the space-saving miracle “Messenger bag” is an excellent choice with its convertible design.

It may be something elegant for you, the model “Jackie” is a good choice. The principle in this leather bag is as simple as it is effective: the zips are the secret. With just a few hand movements have packed small and handy to the folding bag. For the holidays, use these practical effect to accommodate the bag in your suitcase. Just as quickly has their impressive size the bag again and is large enough for many practical items.

But that’s not all still a long way. Finally, Bull & hunt with many other product ideas can waiting, which you will find in our online shop SIZEABLEHANDBAGS.COM. The cowhide leather bag is just one of the highlights, hiding behind the wealth of ideas of the designer of the label.

Leather bags in practical sizes – for every occasion perfect

Leather, lots of detailed pockets can conjure up, as evidenced by the collection of labels. At Bull & Hunt, you will find the perfect leather bag for every occasion. The Jackie Tote as a daily companion, the clutch as a focal point for evening wear and the flexible model “Carrie” bag with storage space of plenty of. The size is as variable as the design of each bag. The leather bags feature practical formats and offer so much space for a comprehensible order of your utensils. You have a laptop, or like to travel without separate travel bag over the weekend? With models from the product line “Karla” or “Julie Brown”, you have a bag at your side, which offers lots of storage space, even if it is not so at first glance.

The catalogue of Bull & hunt

The superb craftsmanship of leather, as well as the versatile ideas offered by the label, though not quite so make easy the selection, but eventually you can have at home Yes not enough pockets – especially if it’s so high-quality pieces of Bull & Hunt, that stand out by their cool design alone.