Brazilians Are Not Very Satisfied with Telephony and Broadband Services

Between August and November 2015, Anatel held a satisfaction and quality research realized with fixed telephone service customers, mobile phone (post and prepaid) and fixed broadband. The results are not very good: none of the categories has achieved grade 7.

In the overall ranking, who got the best evaluation was the telephone service, with note 6.97. Soon after is post-paid mobile phone, with 6.72, followed by prepaid mobile with 6.62 and, lastly, fixed broadband, with 6.58. The parameters are from 0 to totally dissatisfied and 10 being completely satisfied.


In prepaid, there was a technical tie between three major operators: Claro, TIM and Hi.Of the four largest operators, Vivo leads the average satisfaction score of 6.8, but who is in the lead are the Sercomtel and Algar operators with notes of 7.81 and 7.05, respectively.

As for the post-paid service, who first figure is Porto Seguro Connects, a virtual operator based on TIM’s network, and secondly appears Vivo. A technical tie for 3rd place (Algar and Claro) and 4th (Nextel and TIM). The Hi is the operator with the worst ratings, ranking in last place with a score 6.26.

The subcategory “Supply and Procurement” encompasses the ease of understanding of the contracted plans and services and the operator delivers what it promises and disclose in its advertising.

As for the operation, they are considered the attributes related to use of voice and data services, such as call quality, speed and drop connections and service availability at the time of use. It is interesting to note that the perception of the prepaid user and the operation is slightly more than the post-paid customer.

Finally, one of the most sensitive issues is the customer service. Measurements are for various service channels, either via phone, internet or even the operator of the store.

Internet Broadband

Two small operators lead the perceived user quality: Live TIM (RJ and SP) and Telecom Cable (RN) had a technical tie in the first position, while Sercomtel figured in 2nd place with note 7.56. Third is the GVT is, with 7.27. NET draws the 4th position with Algar, followed by Blue (which acts within the MG states, RJ, RS and SC). The broadband operator with the worst score is the sky, which provides the service through an LTE network, estimated at 5.74.


Despite being less and less used, the telephone service was also studied by Anatel. And the service with a better understanding of consumer quality, averaging 6.97.

It is good to note that there really are quality differences between operators in different regions. Still, research shows that companies are far from offering an excellent service, which is what they promise when selling a product.

Full details of the survey are available in full in the Anatel site. Data includes including quality information for each state and service. The research methodology was also quite detailed for those who have questions about the process. The agency also said that the data on the pay TV service will be announced in April.