Brassieres on Display

Looks with apparent Lingerie are high: in Rock in Rio the famous showed their Bras, they want to see?

Who loves lingerie is happy with the new wave of the moment: can leave your underwear on display! If before all were anxious to hide straps and lace details can now forget that fear. Bras, handles the Strappy Bra. Body of income, all of this is to appear and the looks of the famous won’t let us lie!

Last weekend at the Rock in Rio several actresses and celebrities have been to the festival with offbeat looks I bra appeared as a centerpiece. You have seen many of these looks with the lingerie shows around here, isn’t it? So now get ready to see more!

Bra showing under your clothes

Maria Casadevall and Tata Werneck, I Love actresses Paraisópolis, took the bra trend to shows under his clothes. Maria Casadevall wore a dress dug on the sides and Tata Werneck, a transparent shirt with black brassiere apparent underneath. Want tips on what bra use with transparent blouses? Here on the blog has.

Looks with bra

Dani Sperle and Helga Nemeczyk were a little bolder and used bra totally naked, alone! Of course they were special lingerie:A padded lace bra and a strapless lace, worn with Kimono with fringes. Of course it’s not a look for any occasion, but it was day of Rock, baby!

Look Marina Ruy Barbosa with Strappy Bra

Marina Ruy Barbosa deserves a highlight using this Strappy Bra, don’t you think? Look simple and chic combination at the same time:leather pants, sandal, see-through blouse, and metal Choker Strappy Bra!

Full of trends that girl, she knows her stuff! For this and other looks of Marina Ruy Barbosa she always wins our hearts!

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