Boxer Briefs and Thongs

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Aboard a theme that it is more of curiosity than preference. Polls indicate that this underwear model is a favorite among men and women. But you know how it came about?

Men’s underwear was already used by the Egyptians for 7000 years. In the 30 she won new designs, which replaced the traditional shorts.

They say around the 13 century, drawers were invented (say by Leonardo Da Vinci) and the underwear won great popularity. The material used at the time was the linen, called ‘ braies ‘ and used by all classes. Warriors wore more than underwear and convicts were left without them. The clothes were designed to be used with panties, which were large and shaped like shorts and tied at the waist.


The boxer briefs and thongs are back in fashion in the 1930. With the appearance of elastic, button, the buckle and tissues used to fasten the piece on the body. And was based on the boxers, emerged the real boxer briefs, without the button. The company developed in 1934 Jockey underwear with diagonal hole. The famous Kangaroo Pocket until then horizontally or vertically.

She fell in the taste of male and female audience, both men and women. For men, a lot of comfort and beauty. For women, charm and sensuality.

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