Boho Style In Modern Clothes And Fashion

There are many different styles. Some of them are young and modern, while others require the use of smart and antiques. For example, the boho style–a feminine chic and trendy. How to dress in a style? 

What Is That Style?

Boho style was not long ago, i.e. in the 90 years of the last century. But the first direction of the trend can be observed in 60-70 years. And really, this style was popular in early 2000. It is believed that the name comes from the word «bohmiens», which called the language romani Gypsies and nomads of Central Europe.

These people were permissive lifestyle, the attitude of money irresponsibly, but sought to shiny and beautiful dress. Later, the word came to be called not only to Rome, but creative people who also wanted to stand out from the crowd. So it was a Bohemian chic.
In fact, it was a little glamour reply, but this style is not just glamour, but also elements of retro classics, Gothic and ethnic lines and even hippie style. Here is a strange mixture.

An important role in the development of this stylistic direction played famous people.The founder of modern boho find Syennnu Miller and Kate Moss. Then, support an idea so interesting Christina Ricci and Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. Today, at least a little something in the boho style can be found in almost every girl’s wardrobe.


Boho style has several areas:

Original and colorful hippie Boho style – with many fringes, embroidery, baggy clothes, knitwear and accessories.

Boho-glamour-feminine style and elegant. He is dominated by light flowing fabrics, sexy silhouettes and romantic notes.

Boho-eco. Only natural fabrics, romantic images and vintage stuff.

Boho-classic. This is an elegant and feminine charm: long dresses and skirts, jackets, velvet, satin, and so on.

To Fit?

Who else fits boho style of dress? If you want to be feminine, but prefer the comfort, such direction-what you need! All images are very feminine and romantic, but the convenience is a key element in the selection of clothes. In addition, each suite is unique, so any image and has your original flavor.
With regard to age restrictions, they don’t. Boho style wardrobe-clothes for everyone.This style can beat old advantageous and create a unique aura.

Many believe things boho style – is not the best option for ladies full and delicious. Yes, some clothing can really add volume, but only a few. Define correctly and elements of the games, you can, however, hide some flaws and highlight the merits.

The Main Features Of The Style

Here are the main features and the boho style features according to

Natural fabrics. In synthetic material can forget safely only natural materials can emphasize the feminine beauty and naturalness. Prefer fabrics like jersey, linen, cotton, silk, wool, velvet, chiffon and similar.

Comfort and convenience. This style can be found narrow, short dresses and tight is uncomfortable! But jeans, trousers, long skirts, loose dresses, tops and tunics, blouses fly–all present in abundance. And those things that you can enjoy life and feel the comfort.

Lightweight, femininity, elegance. As flowing clothes, emphasizing the unique nature of female beauty. But this beauty is preserved and only abound. But deep cleavage and short dresses and skirts in this style is not present.

Stratification.We can break a lot of rules sets. For example, if the long coat dress sheath is not banned, but rather encouraged.

The combination of styles. You can safely combine completely different things. But that doesn’t mean you can mix without thinking direction. The images must be harmonious and complete, remember that. Otherwise you will look like a Gypsy.

As for colors, the most widely used soft pastel or deep colors noble: Emerald green, peach, beige, grey, Brown, Burgundy, coral, red, blue, Plum, mauve.But in some cases, you can choose something shiny, pink, turquoise, yellow. But very bright and flashy colors should not be.

Drawings and engravings. Should prefer abstract, ethnic, geometric and floral print.

Bright accessories. They are the highlight of the image and update it.

We Have Selected Some Things

So things must necessarily be present in the locker room?

Maxi skirts. The skirt can be of linen, chiffon, jersey or silk. Style should be curled, loose and feminine. The length of copper also allowed and encouraged, but all the same long skirts give a special charm.

Dresses. They can be long or medium-length. You can choose a template with exuberant or wavy hem. High-waisted dresses. In some cases you can pay and Assembly mesh dress, but certainly will need to complete and win. But about dresses and bustiers Cases have forgotten.

Sarafan. Lightweight, loose and long.
Skinny jeans. Yes, this thing apparently modern and youth can also be feminine if you combine it with the right things.

Leggings also apply.

Cardigans, knitted or crocheted.

Available knitted jumper.

Tunics. There are many people in the boho style doesn’t happen! Buy a model in different colors, with embroidery, embroidered with stones, with applications.

Shirts and tops can also be used, but choose models with prints or geometric or plain.

Blouses and shirts available.

Vest. This may be denim, woven, skin or leather vest.

Ideal outerwear-jackets. It is better to choose a model with smell and with a belt.

Be sure to buy a wide-brimmed hat.

Suitable for classic vest.

Choose shoes without heel, sandali-“rymlyanky” or “Gladiator”, cowboy boots or Cossacks. Boldly wear winter boots.

Welcome bags large, flabby and unformed, embroidery and fringes or convenient shoulder strap.

Choice bright accessories, stone pendants, bracelets, earrings, necklaces. And if they are made by hand, the image will be more original.

Create Images

Put gray skinny jeans, cowboy boots, a white tunic with embroidered vest and Fox fur.Complete picture of brown suede fringe bag with wood beads and bracelet.

You can create a set: loose shirt White, come out to the floor with ethnic patterns in pastel colors, woven vest sandali-“rymlyanky” shoulder bag with embroidery, large pendant with stones, big earrings.

Another set: dress, embroidered with beads, cardigan with odor-Cossacks boots, bag, bracelet and earrings with pearls.
Create vivid images and attracts hundreds of views!