Bobbi Brown Nail Polish – “Roza”

Even before the “Lilac Rose” by Bobbi Brown Spring collection is available, a small Pack with the nail polish “Roza” came for me at the weekend – → last coating has now already bravely held two weeks without quirks on the nails, but eventually then something must be new on it. Convenient that this beautiful Nudelack here has arrived, which I have now directly applied.

A bit disappointed me has the opacity, which is again well done in but thanks to the magical colour and a fast dry.

Bobbi Brown Nail Polish – “Roza” 
Lilac rose collection (spring 2013)

  • 1 coat “Fill The Gap!” (essie)
    • 3 coats “Roza” (Bobbi Brown)
    • 1 coat “good to go” (essie)

Order & opacity:The job is going well (despite “normal” brush), but the opacity leaves a bit to be desired. Two layers while leaving a uniform result, but really the painting was not 100% opaque. It has a third layer – for me (I can imagine, you can find the “2-coat finish” also very nice!) – brought desired results.

Dry season:Despite 3 layers was the paint within about 25-30 minutes with “good to go” dried out. A good result when considering that some paints in three layers are very persistent, what of drying – I want so actually complain on! 😉

Color:Easily the color somehow not to photograph, which first nail photo is best. “Roza” has nothing to do with pink, but is a light beige-nude, after all, actually with a slight pink tinge making the tone quite warm. When my light skin, thus the color comes out very nicely and doesn’t look like water body what can happen once when some nude tones.

Overall:I was thinking immediately of Chanel “Frenzy”, as I’ve seen the color live. Actually the two are very similar, but “Frenzy” is something cool, grayish. A correct alternative the varnish is not, therefore but perhaps a small consolation, if “Roza” after the collection no longer is available. “Roza” is definitely a beautiful spring coat and definitely something for those, but again fresh color on the nails, but just not pink, blue or other colorful tones want to wear, but rather on modest nude. Cost € 18,-by the way (and would thus depending on where to buy Chanel, also more favourable or equally expensive).

Buy recommendation:I there is a Yes, because I just nice to find the color and the quality of the Bobbi Brown believe coatings – in this case despite not perfect opacity.