Blue in the Bathroom

Blue inspires you? You are told why a blue bathroom is ideal to experience this feeling of well being and serenity…

Blue in the Bathroom

Referring to the natural elements, the blue is a color that is particularly suited to the bathroom. Depending on its intensity, this colour suggests multiple sensations: the dynamism, the freshness, purity and good being,… But beware, point too does. A bathroom to the total look blue can be oppressive. So it’s best to opt for touches of blue, which, combined with

other colours and light, create decorative contrasts and sublimate your bathroom. These touches of color may be provided by a blue tile floor, a blue bathroom furniture, a wall in blue faience… Because it comes in awide range of colors, blue is an extraordinary color that fits all the atmospheres, from the most classic to the more baroque, through the modern styles, ultra design, exotic Moroccan bathroom or spirit of seaside way.

Je want a blue bathroom, how?

Above all, the question is if you want a completely blue bathroom or bathroom with touches of blue. In the first case, the entirely blue bathroom, the idea lies in the choice of materials to enhance the color. If the blue bathroom dresses a very clear blue we think to drop this color on the walls to illuminate it from a white tile. If the blue bathroom dresses more strong and intense blue, we feel free to spread the color of the floor to ceiling making sure to structure all with a basement. Finally, if you prefer the blue which takes place sparingly,we opt for a white bathroom enhanced of a blue marine. The latter takes form using a simple tiled frieze or only with the towels (towels and the bath mat). We love the pastel by keys blue when it agrees with a gray Pearl to create a full of elegant old bathroom.

The blue in what form?

There are several ways to insert the blue in his bathroom decoration. The tile remains the good trick, easy maintenance and aesthetic, which guarantees a unique decoration by its multitude of models. Between traditional tiles, old tile cement, mosaic or zelliges, the choice is wide and promises several very different atmospheres. Blue can also arise on the walls by choosing a painting for the bathroom. For a very original decoration, we put on a parquet tinted or tinted tiles. What integrate blue differently and with a lot of style.

Whatever it is, blue invites evasion to disseminate pure and serene atmosphere in the bathroom…