Black Honey from Clinique: The Classic Tone Plum for Autumn

With the collection Black Honey Clinique something curious happens. Their colors, Plum, brick and chocolate, are classics that we have used for decades, so it is definitely not a novelty. There is nothing wrong, for how many times our favorites are discontinued in the mad rush by the trends of the moment.

But at the same time, the collection goes on a bit in the same line of the other proposals that have seen this autumn season, which makes it as current as if we had never seen it. And as it is also a collection of basics for ‘good face’, but without being nude, I do not know how to categorize it.

Really Black Honey is a collection of a single color, so it consists of few products of the main image. The nicer, in my opinion, is the shadow Quartet Black Honey, which is limited edition shades from a soft beige to a slightly reddish chocolate.

The blush It is also very interesting, because the powders forming a gradient, i.e., one side has a clear powder and darker color to the other side, allowing us to play not only with intensity but also with color.

For the lips, in addition to the lip, the collection includes a limited edition of gloss and lip double tip, all in tone plum Black Honey.

And I can only mention the cream eyeliner, also in a reddish tone and the Eyelash mask, apparently in black.

This collection has already been more than one month on sale and is available on the official web site of Clinique, so I hope that you have reached stores in Spain and Latin America. Have you seen it? What you think a collection so focused in a single color?

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