Big Chest And Back Pain

Women who have a bulging bust tend to suffer problems in both the dorsal and cervical spine. The problem usually occurs in childhood when girls begin to notice that their breasts grow.

Shame or social pressure often forces the body to change its natural posture to try to hide it. By bending the back excessively, they begin to generate the much-feared contractures that, over time, can become chronic pathologies much more serious.

However, it is the  older women who suffer the most from this kind of ailments since the spine already begins to present rigidities and deformities difficult to attack. Problems that are exacerbated in those who present a larger breast size, especially from size 120. If the ailments mentioned are not solved in time, both bad postures and excess weight can lead to wear of the Intervertebral discs and produce fateful herniated discs.

Remedies for back pain caused by large breasts

In order not to reach an advanced age with a worsening of back ailments caused by an excess of bust, the most advisable sport is in the practice of swimming . Whenever it is performed optimally and can be combined with sessions of physiotherapy, it will be fundamental to strengthen, above all, the dorsal area, since it is the one that supports most of the weight of the breasts.

The experts also consider it necessary to carry out a postural re-education, in order to correct bad positions both at home and at work. This work can also be joined to the own  physiotherapist through active therapy such as a table of exercises designed to reduce the increase of the curvature of the back.

The corsetry Anita comfort can greatly help relieve back pain caused by breast considerable weight. Often, the pain occurs because the weight of the breasts is not correctly supported by the bra and causes the body to tilt slightly forward which causes discomfort and subsequent deformation of the back, contractures… Our bras provide extra comfort by Its padded and wider straps, the quality of its materials that are highly adaptable but do not yield easily and an expert patronage that gives maximum support. By bringing the weight of the breasts to the body, we reduce the tension and strain of the spine and muscles, avoiding premature wear.

In very exceptional cases, where none of the above solutions can be used, it is possible to go to a surgeon to have surgery to reduce the size of the breasts.

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