Best Jeans for Curvy Figure

Jeans have long become universal clothes. They are worn by all, regardless of age, gender and style in clothing. Although this part of the closet often considered shapely clothes in the correct choice of jeans for full girls can decorate them and hide a few extra kilos.

What kind of Jeans to Choose Full Girl?

The first rule for selecting female jeans full-to select the model should be just in size. Pants with smaller purchased as an incentive to lose weight, will play with you bad joke: visually they will look more massive than it actually is. Right to keep and jeans few bigger than you need. And only pants selected properly, will hide excess weight and make you slimmer.
Models by planting hips are not recommended for overweight girls as belly and hips in these jeans will peretyagivatysya and ugly navisaty over belt that runs immediately in sight. Biological girls, great forms seem waist jeans: they lose weight and belly, and make the necessary line in the thinnest place of the body.

If you choose jeans hips, then pay attention to pockets in the back of his pants. There are fashion rule: the less pockets, so visually it seems prey. Do not forget about it.

Speaking about the package, it should be noted that tight jeans-Tabernacle is not working at full legs. Ideal fasonom ladies large configuration will make jeans or clash of the knee. The colors better to give preference to dark: dark blue, emerald green, black, slivovomu. Cloth should not shine as it will add luster unnecessary quantities.

What do They Wear Jeans Full Girl?

The main task in the selection of sets with jeans – creating vertical lines visually stroynyashtih figure. Therefore suitable shirts simple reduction, jackets, vests and jackets, sweaters vertical design. Also it is preferable to choose heels, visually udlinyayushtuyu legs.