Best Affordable Ties

For this, I immediately thought of a brand that offers one of the best price / quality ratio, while bringing  real value  to an accessory that everyone thinks about.

This brand is Howard’s, a 100% French brand despite its name, and that I had personally tested, on the advice of Hugo Parisian Gentleman.

Finding faith in the tie

Never approach the tie as a mere accessory and make it “because it must be proposed”. Fred Howard’s creator, has a real passion for this accessory, it addresses as a full garment (watch the video).

To be honest with you, if I was not a fervent supporter of the tie as can and Florian Luca, Howard’s is a brand that has given me faith in the tie and gave me the desire to in everyday wear().

And today, we humbly want to pass on to you this same passion.

An accessory unfairly stigmatized

Most men do not see the interest of the tie. They find it a bit too serious and are afraid to have strict air.

Many enjoy going to work without putting it on. It is also symptomatic: it is an accessory that you want to remove as soon as the opportunity arises (who said Friday wear ?).

Yet wearing a tie is a means of expression that you should not underestimate…

What if we went out a bit of blue, white, gray?

The men’s formal wardrobe revolves around coins blue, white and gray. If uniformity was a country, those colors would be its flag.

Although it is logical to buy a good suit is an investment, so we avoid taking risks with colors…

Same for the shirt: the cut, the collar, the texture and the pattern vary, but the color changes little.

As a result, there are relatively similar pieces in all men:

  • How do you not look like everyone?
  • How to communicate one’s personality around oneself?
  • To drive his inspirations and influences?

Well that’s where the underestimated role of the tie has its little effect.

I also was surprised to see that many of the sartorial art purists consider this tie makes customizing an outfit, because this is the accessory that is noticed first at someone.

According to Fred, the tie is the centerpiece of the formal menswear, while the suit and the shirt would rather part. What better way to express the nuances of a personality ( store this fancy tie Star Wars now! ), A cashmere tie with the deep color, with discreet details as originals?

Howard’s Ties

You will not find, in entering the shop of Frederic Costa, these sad accessories without flavor, this silk smooth and tasteless…

Because Frederick displayed a great job of research in materials, with a question that is repeated constantly: “? What can I bring more and unique compared to other brands”

As he repeated to me, if it is to make silk united, seen and reviewed, so much to go elsewhere.

Howard’s managed to improve this accessory while starting from a very spontaneous approach: to put in place of the customer, understand what would please him, and offer choice and variety.

A bit like a box of macaroon you would like to taste each perfume!

At the end of the article, you will want to replace even your underwear by these ties.

Craft and personal ties

My introduction was a little long, but it was necessary to understand our goal to develop exceptional ties and easy to wear.

(For the anecdote, if even Alexander, our white Kanye West, comes to want to wear one of our ties everyday instead of his usual T-shirts, I would consider the goal achieved!)

They are for all those who did not used to put in but who would leap to give character to their outfits.

It cautions that Howard’s made these colors on the occasion of our collaboration and will not use them for other models. One can not do more exclusive

Cachemire and jacquard: two materials that one crosses little…

Cashmere, color-revealing

We wanted to change woolen ties. Cashmere is unfortunately too little used for ties, despite its advantages.

It gives depth to the color, and reveals the nuances according to the luminosity.

It is an indispensable color because it is versatile, but we wanted it to have something more. Let it not be too simple justly.

So we opted for a weaving chevron which brings relief: the perfect contrast to smooth costume.

The second color is a beautiful green bottle. It is not too dark, but we noticed that people were a little afraid to add green to their outfits. Then we will guide them smoothly.

Well chosen, the green gives something special, while remaining very sober and elegant.

But also a silk woven by a special technique

Finish with something a little more “creative”: burgundy polka-dot tie.

After two united ties, we needed one for a reason and the idea of ​​the pea was imposed. It is quite surprising to see all the light effects of which this tie is capable (they do not shine in the dark, however, our experiments are talking).

We wanted the silk tie to have something more, too.

This is why it is woven on Jacquard loom-like the sweaters, but forbidden to ski with-a little-used technique that gives it a more textured rendering. We make the bet that you will not see often.

The silk comes also from Italy, with an Italian weaver over 200 years, and located near Lake Como.

A wool split, a guarantee of elasticity

The material chosen, we must now ensure fallen and consistency. It is at the interlining  that all happens.

The interlining is the part that gives  character to a tie, as we want a light tie or denser, for example. That’s where we mark  the expertise of a good cravatier.

The interlinings are also different for different materials, for they provide the same final result, the same fell. It is an operation that requires a sense of nuance, do not do it at home, you risk getting caught very hard.

From the 100% hand (if nothing)

The assembly is performed in Paris and small feature, seamstresses worked at home. Indeed, they do not need machines, because everything is played with the hand.

And it allows to avoid this big machine pet name Liba, which bends and usually sews neckties. Inexpensive technique for ties often too tight, too tight, and to the wire regulator that breaks easily.

Nothing like that here, it’s 100% handmade, you’ll understand.

They are very pretty your ties, but are they my size?

Our ties are all 7 cm wide. It is the compromise that suits all the builds, thin or sturdy.

We wanted to avoid the side hype  too thin ties, but it was not that they are too broad: it would have tended to shrink silhouette.

With what to wear these ties?

We will agree that the tie is not the most anxiogenic item in your dressing room. Here, our goal is to show you how they will easily fit your looks, but also to what extent a tie makes it possible to personalize an outfit. Note: To go further on this, please read our guide on tie (