Bermuda Men Summer 2012: Our Top 3 At La Redoute

The approach of summer, it’s time to choose his swimsuit or shorts for men.If you do not like too sticky swimsuits, near the body, opt for a beautiful bath man at La Redoute bermuda. You’ll like what the site offers now on bath shorts.

Bermuda Men Summer 2012 Our Top 3 At La Redoute

Highly stylized models are to be discovered at La Redoute. The smaller with a bath man bermuda, is that you can also wear it in town with a t-shirt or a tank top.
Bermuda men: choose from now your model at La Redoute
The site of La Redoute , you can do your shopping among thousands of items. On this online store, you can find clothing, underwear, but also linen House or furniture.
In terms of swimwear, La Redoute has a large selection of items. You can find briefs or boxers bath but also shorts of bath. This summer, you need to be stylish from head to foot gentlemen then fall fast for your model of bath man at La Redoute bermuda and find out the Top 3 of the writing.
Bermuda men: our selection for summer 2012
This first bermuda of the Tipster brand is proposed on the site at 17.50 euros instead of 30 euros is a 30% discount. This model boasts a very “surfer” style You will love this colorful model that will give you lots of style on the beach and even in the city.
This bath bermuda man of the brand La Redoute Creation is proposed on the site at 12.50 euros instead of 25 euros is a nice discount of 50%. You’ll love his sober and original style with his reasons to the thigh.
This latest model of our Top 3 of the brand Pepe Jeans is proposed on the La Redoute website at 50 euros. It is printed the British flag and the logo of the brand which gives it a very original and slightly offbeat style.
On the La Redoute’s online store, you pay 2.90 euros for a delivery in relay package and 6.70 euros for a delivery at home. Be aware that at La Redoute, returns and exchanges are possible within a period of two weeks.