Bering Bronx Short Boots


Have the Bronx Bering the benefits and protection of the road without boots when you want to wear in the city or in the office? We tested them, motorcycle and scooter to see if their price was justified. Verdict of a nearly successful ambitious bet.

After what must be called a real flood of sneakers more or less adapted to the practice of the bike, the new trend seems to be the short boot. Not a slightly rising shoe with 2 hulls on the ankles but a real boot, deprived of its high stem, for a weight and comfort more adapted to the city without bringing security close to zero. A category in which are in good place the Bronx Bering who will have revealed few weaknesses during our test.

Short boots Bering Bronx: A near-perfect closure

On the first photos in ShoesEspecially, the wheel locking system of the short boots, close to what we at Sidi or Knox gloves Boa systemknown, seemed practical. Once the Bronx is received, it takes a few seconds to be convinced. There are no laces that can float or taking in the selector when we stop at the light. Not no more velcro or zip as found on the vast majority of motorcycle boots. Bering uses a single thread that a knob placed on the tongue will tend in a few clicks for an almost optimal adjustment. To make a complaint, we could regret that there is not a “cross” extra for a more precise clamping. But it’s good to quibble. Because if the torque is instantaneous, the opening is also and clear space to let the foot also suit those who lack a high instep, sometimes struggle to find their happiness.
Comfortable sole, somewhat stiff rod

However, once the Bronx is closed on the foot, do not expect to feel like having slippers on the feet. Certainly, the maintenance is very good and the sole, a model of comfort. But, certification and security force, Bering could not make this as flexible as a sports shoe model: ensuring the integrity of the foot and ankle in the case of slide or shock. The Bronx is steeper than a TCX X – Rap (for example) and then reminds his status of short, boot with reinforced basketball. It will not arouse a 100 meters with the Bronx but overall comfort, however, is very good, with a reasonable weight (1 230 grams a pair in 41) which allows to keep all day, even at the office, if they look a little typical does not shock anyone.
Provided by Vibram, the sole is a model of its kind. No vibration goes, even on motorcycles the footrests are suffering Parkinson’s disease, and reassures the grip during stops on wet road. Wet roads which will not undermine the tightness of the Bronx.

With the Bronx, Bering book a pair of short boots well finished with a wheel closing Microlock which will only please, to maintain as the practical side. On the bike or on foot, they are nice and even manage to be forgotten. We enjoyed their seals and their lack of effect hammam under the Sun. The aging of materials will be to monitor, including parts kits. Remains the thorny concern of the tariff set at € 179,90. As high as that of competing road boots, it is, in our view, a little too high. Too bad because the quality is actually to go. Under the €150, it would be a product essential and protective. A little effort Mr. Bering?