Belt Guide: How To Find The Perfect Men’s Belt For Every Occasion

5 Basic Rules And Tips That Man Should Consider When Choosing The Belt

For many men the belt is an indispensable accessory. This is also true gold, because the perfect men’s belt can enhance or complete an outfit and make you look interesting and style-conscious. For choosing the right belt, there are some tips and rules that you should take into consideration to find the best belt for every occasion. If you are familiar with these, nothing can go wrong! Belts have long been no longer just keeping their pants tight, they are now regarded as a full-fledged, fashionable accessory. As there is a huge variety of different types of belts, however, it can happen that it is difficult to choose the right belt. Please check these useful tips from

1. Belt Must Fit Colorfully To The Shoes

As a first rule of thumb you should therefore remember that the color and material of the belt should always match with the color and material of their shoes. Jaimie Jacobs makes it easy for you: simply order your belt from the exact same leather that your shoes are made of! This creates a harmonious look and looks elegant and well-groomed.

2. Tune The Accessories On The Belt

Also note that their other accessories fit the belt. A leather arm or watch band should match the tone of your belt and even if you choose silver or gold jewelery (for example, ring, watch or necklace) make sure that the belt buckle harmonizes with the selected precious metal. This allows you to prove your knack for fashion.

3. Pay Attention To The Details

Show that they are detail-loving by matching the color of their cuff buttons to the buckle.

A similar tip applies to the lacing of shoes: If you wear lace-up shoes like Oxfords or Derbys, a simple belt with pin buckle is recommended. However, if you are wearing Double Monks with the double belt buckle, for example, you can choose a belt with a double belt.

4. Fashion Faux Pas That You Can Avoid

In addition, there are also some fashionable things that you should definitely avoid in terms of men’s belts. To wear oversized or lavishly decorated belt buckles, belts made of polyester or in flashy colors outside leisure time and badly processed cheap belts, you should always make a big bow. In the meantime there are also more and more glued leather belts, but remember that sewn belts do not only look more high-quality, but also last longer and look more noble.

5. Maintain Your Leather Belt

So that you have something of your favorite belt for a long time, you should roll it up or hang it up! In this way, the leather remains in good shape and can not be scratched. Also, try not to “override” your belts. Now and then you can wipe your belts with a damp cloth and rarely treat them with some leather care. This should be sufficient to achieve a long life.

Belt Is Not The Same Belt: These Belt Types Are There And Can Be Best Combined

Since you now know the most important belt basics, we can now go into detail. We take a look at materials, texture, belt colors and other relevant factors and give tips on how to combine the best belts. With these simple tips you will find your perfect men’s belt for every occasion.

Materials For Men’s Belts

Starting with the materials from which the belts are made, one stands before an immense variety. The most elegant belts are made of leather, of course. Here you can choose from calfskin (Boxcalf), cowhide (beef box), pig leather (Porc) or goat leather (Chevreau). In addition to these popular leather types, there are even more exotic variants such as crocodile, snake, ostrich and horse leather (Cordovan). Choose such an exotic belt, it is advisable to proceed with the other accessories more sparingly. Remember, again, the rule of thumb, not only the color, but also the material of her belt, that of the shoe. Leather belts are particularly high-quality and supple and a higher price in favor of a great quality should be accepted here, because with good care you have very long pleasure in their play. Fabric belts, on the other hand, are more suitable for leisure. They do well with chinos or jeans and have the same effect as a leather belt: they round off the outfit and also a colorfully suitable cloth belt makes something neat. Nevertheless, you should be aware that a cloth belt can always be casual, a leather belt hung casual and elegant combined.

The Belt Width

With the width of the belts apply 30mm, 35mm and 40mm as the proven dimensions. 30mm are perfect as a narrow belt variant to the suit, 40mm are best suited to the jeans. The median of 35mm is usually the regular width to the suit. A belt that is not only harmonious in terms of color and material, but also fits seamlessly from the width to its outfit, creates a consistently positive overall picture because it creates an optimal connection between shoes, accessories and the clothing.

The Nature Of The Belt

In terms of the “texture of the belt”, you should let your head go to the point you want to wear the belt.Shiny belts should mainly be combined with high-gloss polished shoes, matte belts should also be paired with matte shoes. The high-gloss version is particularly recommended for evening events or for very elegant business looks. If, on the other hand, you wear a matte leather belt for matte shoes, you are very well dressed in your spare time. There are also belts in braided optics. These braided eye-catchers look super to short pants in white or navy blue. For example, choose a nice, dark brown as a color for the belt and wear a simple polo shirt to complement this casual leisure look. Braided belts add more dimension to your outfit and make you look fashionable and stylish. This look is perfect on a boat trip, picnic or casual pool party.

Colors And Color Matching For Belts

There are no limits in the field of belt colors. From light-weight variants such as black, light or dark brown tones to more bright colors, which are a highlight in the outfit, almost anything is conceivable.In the case of casual leisure belts, by the way, you do not have to be very careful about the fact that the shoe and belt colors are as if they were made from one piece. Here, subtle differences in the nuances are in order as long as it moves in the same color family. In the case of high-quality leather belts, however, the color matching of shoes and belts is an absolute must. If you are keen to experiment, try wearing a Burgundy belt with matching shoes such as Oxfords and wear dresses in subtle beige, gray or white. You will be surprised at how much the right men’s belt can make. In winter, the colors are more attractive, but in the summer you should opt for a more friendly, brighter nuance.

Various Belt Buckles

In the case of the belt buckles, there are rather fewer rules that must be followed. The pin buckle has been regarded as the most common and typical belt buckle since many fashion epochs, while the sliding buckle is more worn to fabric or polyester belts during leisure time. Also the double pin buckle is very common and popular with their carriers. A nice alternative is the DD buckle, the closure of which consists of two metal rings resembling the letter “D”. This variant is particularly good if you want to spice up a simple outfit or make more interesting. The DD buckle is also versatile, because it is available as a closure of fabric and leather belts. A light blue shirt to a jeans can look very stylish and stylish through a light brown leather belt with a golden DD buckle closure.