Bed Covers | Meet the Italian Releases

The new line of bed covers, pillow cover and pad is produced in Brazil, but is inspired by the design Italian, which worries about simplicity as main attraction and bold on new lines of copper bed.

With straight strokes and perfect cut, the new copper beds if simplify in shades of grey, black, and beige plaid pattern, following the latest trends not only in copper bed and bedding, but also fashion.

Focused on bringing the versatility of classic and modern environments, the cotton fabric is extremely maciand guarantees beyond beauty, very comfort, durability and many warm winters. After all, that is the most important, isn’t it? What better feeling in bed and feel embraced by the bed covers?

4 models and 2 weights are different! Choose which covers bed is the most perfect for you!


In his “dark” version, this covers Italian bed is the most sophisticated and indicated to you that prefer a more rustic decor, is the perfect combination!


With an impeccable cutline, this covers bed pleases both those who prefer a more clean decoration to a futuristic, and without many decorative objects, bet in Positano bed covers!


Tornino’s version of the new copper beds is produced in 100% cotton, represents the simplicity of everyday life, managing to be a decorating object which adapts to any type of environment.


Verona line of bed covers Italian brings the design enough explored in all parts, with lines barely visible is the most indicated to supporters of the “clean chic”.