Beauty Products Essential for Winter

The cold has arrived and this season requires some special care due to wind and low temperatures. The main care we should take is with the skin, which can be highly impaired by lack of basic care. Thinking about it, I’m passionate about cosmetics, I’ve listed for you the seven products that I love most for caring people in the fall and winter. Let’s go to the list!

Forget one million reais creams. I’ve used moisturizers full of freshness, I’ve paid a fortune, and none have been as good and efficient as this. It moisturizes deeply and changes, in a few days, the texture of your skin. It costs super cheap and will ensure that your skin is soft and silky in this cold. Super, hyper recommend!

  1. Save on Cocoa for feet and hands, from Natura: this is the basic crust to be in the bag. It is scented, moisturizes well and helps prevent cracks in the sole of your foot from appearing and your hand getting dry. Also, it is not so oily.
  2. O Boticario’s Glamor Moisturizing Oil: If you do not have time to get moisturizing or if it’s too cold and you can not stay long, call for oil, which helps moisturize and still perfumes your skin.This is my favorite because I love his fragrance. It guarantees a smooth and delicious smell all day long. People love it when I step in!
  3. Pro-Liss Frizz Hair by Kert: this is the basic silicone we use to protect hair, leave it shiny and silky and without frizz, which is usually a bigger problem in winter due to static!I really like this one about Kert! It has a great price and it does very well for my hair!
  4. Bepantol: this ointment accompanies me in any season and is a must have!It serves to diminish dark circles, to moisturize lips and cuticles and protect them from cracking and, speaking crack, Bepantol is a holy remedy for feet! Helps prevent the heel from curling and if it does, help heal it. Tip: Pass on your lips before bed to make yours look beautiful and soft.
  5. Nívea Soft Moisturizer: If your intention is to moisturize your face, bet on this sensational crepe of Nívea!It is made from milk, so does not grease your skin, has quick absorption and keeps your skin soft and moisturized. I will never abandon you!
  6. Rosebud Salve: This magnificent beauty product from Uncle Sam’s land can be purchased via Healthinclude and is MUCH worth it!Rosebud is a kind of transparent textured ointment and has several different uses. I like to use during the day on the lips, as if it were cocoa butter because it moisturizes and protects a lot more and you can apply lipstick or gloss over. It can also be used on the eyes, for different effects on the make. If you have herpes, it is a holy remedy to dry the bruises faster! The tip is!

So, did you like girls? Do you have favorite products you would like to list? Leave your comment!