Beauty Mistakes that Men Hate

All women care about the appearance, especially at the time of the conquest.

After all, who doesn’t want to be beautiful to meet the crush?

So, to please the suitor is worth all the makeup, perfume, Nail Polish color, among other tricks.

But, it is important to know that not all tactics of beauty like the men.

That’s right, sometimes we all arranged to please our loved one flirt, but we don’t always get please. That’s unfair, but it can happen with frequency. Some fashion items and beauty tricks that don’t like all the men.

If you want to avoid this, discover the errors of beauty that men hate according to tips from hollowaywishlist. Thus, you can avoid some tactics before you thought you would help at the time of the conquest, and especially the waste of all your effort to please your partner.

Hairstyle with hard effect

You know that beautiful hair you’ve always wanted to do, but need a lot of Hairspray to hold it? If your goal is to appease the cat, it’s better to leave the hair loose with natural movement or bet on a more natural hairstyle.

Excess shadow

If you can’t resist a makeup with shadow loaded, be aware that this technique is not well seen by men. So, at the time of conquest be careful not to overdo it in the shade. The trick is to bet on a more discreet smudges with a sketchy.

Flashy accessories

Most men don’t like attention-grabbing accessories like frilly, long necklaces earrings. So, when choosing accessories in time to leave with the options he prefers more discreet.

Flashy Nail Polish

Men don’t dig too much black enamel with glitter or glow in the dark. So when in doubt, bet on classics like red and neutral that always are successful.

Perfume bath

It seems that when it comes to beauty excesses with men too. That’s why men hate when women take bath of scent. Therefore, if the perfume is already strong does not exceed 3 sprayed.

Huge eyelashes

Featured eyelashes make all the difference in the makeup, but false eyelashes that make very large eyelashes don’t make success with men. So, time to use false eyelashes give preference to the most discreet, which leave the marked and sexy look.


If you like shine with lipstick using gloss, men hate that trick. This is because some versions are sticky and can disturb in time to kiss. So, choose the moisturizing versions that aren’t sticky.

These are some mistakes of beauty that men hate that you can avoid. And to complement these tips, I recommend you know the definitive female seduction manual and find out the reasons that lead a man leave a woman alone before you even start a serious relationship.