Bead Chains – How to Combine Them Correctly

A pearl necklace – whether made of genuine freshwater or artificial pearls – is still a timeless and elegant piece of jewelery, which is worn primarily on more solid occasions. The right combination between jewelery and fashion is important, as not every outfit fits such a bead chain.

Bead chain to combine clothing

The best way to combine a bead chain into a plain sheath dress or skirt and blouse. Thus it can be worn mainly in the office, but also for a chic dinner. The colors chosen for the outfit should be classic and discreet, as in black, white, crème or nude tones. On the other hand, a pattern of pearls fits less frequently.It can also be combined to a more elaborate cocktail dress – as long as this dress is also presented in rather muted colors.

Chain to further jewelry

Also the other accessories should be discreetly chosen, if one carries a bead chain. It is best to use simple pearl earplugs . A fine, rather thin ring with a simple gemstone can also be worn. Striking earrings or colorful jewelery, on the other hand, are less suitable for being combined with the bead chain.

Bead chain interpreted as rocky

Basically, a bead chain can also be interpreted and stylized in a modern way according to, but primarily suitable for this purpose are long versions, which can be worn, for example, in two layers. To a tight jeans, high pumps and a leather jacket, the bead chain can be styled and worn in the style of the glam skirt. If you like it particularly exuberant, the chain can be combined with other, also long silver and/or gold chains.