Bass Fishing Knots

Fishing knots – their importance

Fishing knots is a very important part of our day. Fishing is easy without a doubt for an avid fisherman, but fishing knots are a little more complicated when you are starting your fisheries, are in fact the most experienced fishermen agree: that this is the most complicated to learn the art of fishing.

There are many fishing knots, this makes that beginners fear you a little at this, in fact, I remember that when I started my first steps in the art of fishing, my father was who helps me a lot with this, because for me it was a well complicated aspect. But I’m of the concept that you need to do the fishing knots depending on the fish you’re looking for capture, the place you chose, or the specific attachment that you want to use in your day.

Fishing requires a lot of things, of these, fishing lines are very important. The lines are supposed to be used in accordance with the size of the fish and the type of water. Saltwater fish, need different types of freshwater fishes fishing gear. Since attachments vary, they also vary the knots. These have to be perfectly tied, but you should know that not all knots qualify to all fishing threads.

Wrong fishing knots | Common mistake of beginners

First, the nodes cannot be placed in the wrong thread, and secondly, if you put them evil, or choose the knot contrary to that you need, you are at a high risk of losing your prey even when you already have it close take it to the superficie(te lo digo por experiencia propia)

Many novice fishermen, don’t realize many times that the main cause of losing catches is a bad tie in their fishing knots. The majority assumes that it is the hook, line, or other attachment, but the reality is bad tie the knot. It is the strength of the mooring, the main explanation why many fishermen lose so many catches.

When you leave to fish bass, sea bass or truchas(como les quieras llamar), it is very important that you use these two knots which I’ll mention below. If as you explain it, you will see that you will lose fewer catches and at the same time gain experience as a fisherman.

For bass or trout fishing knots

A Trilene knot, is the best knot for beginners. It is simple and reliable at the same time. This knot is used in artificial lures, hooks, quita-vueltas, etc. The unique design of double tie knot, gives a strong and reliable connection to the fisherman. Here in the figure shows you more carefully how you tie it with precision.

The second knot that I recommend is the Palomar, is also very favorite Smallmouth Bass fishermen. If you do it the right way it provides a force to your incredible attachment. In the figure you can see how easy do it

These two fishing knots, are the favorite of trout fishermen and also the most effective for catches. Then what do you expect? Practicing!, I would like to now you to do at least ten times these fishing knots before starting another new adventure on the banks of the Lakes. Believe me that if you do well, with these 2 knots you can resolve almost any situation to fish in fresh water, are very simple to make, but very effective and safe for your screenshots.

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