Ballad Outfits For Various Man Styles

It does not matter what type of ballad you like to go: sertanejo, rock or electronic. We’ve separated some suggestions of combinations that will fit into various situations and we’ll also share some tips for you to create your own comfortable yet stylish full of style to enjoy the ballad.

Basic combinations are ideal for any environment. A pair of jeans and a white or black T-shirt is often all you need to stay stylish. But as the composition is already pretty basic, you need to pay attention to some details.

For example: T-shirts, even if smooth, look better when released on the body. As much as you have defined muscles, it’s not too cool to mark your body with a tight shirt.

If you make your style, longer shirts are fashionable and you can wear them without worrying about the shape of your body. For guys with a wider hip, they balance the proportions, but stay tuned: do not buy a T-shirt that’s much larger than your number, go after really made-up pieces for that purpose. Usually, they are fitted on the shoulder and larger only in length.