Ball Gown-For An Unforgettable Evening With A Royal Touch

Who Am I?

One knows me under the name Ballkleid and I am something very special. Although I can be very multi-facetted, there are some characteristics that you can recognize.

Classic ball dresses like I value an elegant appearance with a:

Tight top

Wide skirting, skirt with skirt

Everything else is just decorating accessories – but nevertheless not to be underestimated. If my wearer has a great neckline to offer, I emphasize it with a deep V-neck or sequins and jewelry stones. Free according to the motto: “A beautiful back can also delight”, I stand as a real ball dress, of course, back-free. Depending on the taste, there are me with or without carrier, for the special appearance also with only one carrier. I am very enthusiastic for women with curves, because as a ball dress with an integrated corsage I look particularly beautiful. Ruffles, ruffles and loops on the skirt I stand openly, but it may also be a bit more discreet. Very important to me are noble fabrics such as silk, chiffon, damask, brocade, tulle and lace. And so that I do not get under the wheels, pardon feet while walking and dancing, you always find a practical loop for my wrist.

What Have I Done Before?

As an elegant ball dress, I was already in the Middle Ages – but only in the company of princesses. I was the attraction on court balls and grand weddings. I was always the focal point of rushing and splendid festivals in palaces, castles and palaces. Only the most expensive fabrics, such as velvet and silk, were good enough for me. As statute symbol of the prosperous society, I shone with exclusivity.Because in the past ball dresses like me were adapted perfectly to the dimensions of their wearer and customized. The favorite color of the high ladies was the so-called Schweinfurter green-a dark emerald green, in which I looked wonderfully brilliant.

On Which Occasions Do I Particularly Fit?

Since I originally came from a rich home, I still find myself at festive events such as the Vienna Opera Ball or royal weddings. But even for evening galas or other dance balls I am not at all a pity.

What Are My Favorite Accessories?

On cool summer days I am looking forward to an elegant stole or bolero. I also like jewelery, but he should not push himself into the foreground. After all, I am the ball dress, the main attraction on every ball. But I have no objection to sparkling necklaces with precious stones. They make a beautiful décolleté perfect. A couple of simple earrings or a gold bracelet-and I am already prepared for an unforgettable evening.

What Is Special About Me?

For me, the WOW effect is clearly in the foreground! Every woman who becomes friends with me or one of my ball gown colleagues will feel like a princess-elegant, glamorous and special. All the same, a little practice is needed to wear me dancing as well.