Baby Doll-A Delight to Sleep!

Baby Doll and Doll Shorts are great for your autumn!

Neither hot nor cold-like sleeping comfortable this fall is starting? Baby Doll and Short Doll are a beautiful option, super feminine and, if you want you can also be sexy. If you like to schedule a relaxing morning on a weekend, when you can stay home and rest, read a good book, and the climate is mild and pleasant, well this could be a great suggestion:

We want to leave some tips for you to choose your baby doll or doll ideal short:

-Baby Doll is the name of that small, delicate sweater, usually with very feminine details

-Short Doll is the set of short + larguinha t-shirt and comfortable

-Choose the fabric according to your objective: the transparent are sexier, satins and lace more sophisticated, those of liganete are fresh and comfortable knit to relax

-If you use the so-called Plus Size, can and should use short doll, is beautiful and wears very well.

-Since you’re at home and you can relax, can abuse the colors and prints. Try something different!

-Some brands produce monkeys, which has the same appearance of the short doll, but in one piece. Is an option for those who like practicality!

-the Lalou Lalie have beautiful options in liganete. The real value of this fabric is the touch, and the prints are cute. A great choice for gift giving!

-The Recco is a brand known to be comfortable and casual. Their lingerie for sleeping are famous for tasty fabric to use, easy maintenance and prints that please all tastes. If you do not know the brand worth investing!

Where to buy Short Doll and Baby Doll

In Lingerie you find Specialità various models and brands of short doll and baby doll. If you have any questions regarding the model, size or tissue, do not hesitate to ask us – our services are customized and unique, ready to take your questions and meet your needs. Buy Baby Doll in Specialità!