Autumn / Winter Collection Plus Size Lingeries

The Divas Plus Autumn / Winter lingerie collection has come with everything for you to stay fashionable with the latest trends of this season. Hold on, for this winter will be hot!

The velvet appeared strong on the catwalks of large fashion shows and could not stay out of the lingerie! It appears in lingerie on velvety textured microfibers, maintaining the elasticity and comfort of lingerie but adding velvet beauty. But the velvet does not come only: it comes with details in rhinestones and also set of velvet with luster. Comes with plus size cropped bra option with plus size bra panties or plus size bra with classic plus size panties.

Animal Print is still strong this autumn / winter after being absent during the summer. The leopard print comes with different designs and even
changes in color and follows matching dark tones making the piece one of the sexiest and most sold! In this plus size collection she comes in sweaters, short dolls,panties and bras. Click on buyinxenia to access all the pieces on the leash of the new collection and here to see other pieces from previous plus size collections that are up to 30% off.

The patey tones always appear there in the spring, but this year
it appeared strong, as almost a substitute for white in the
compositions, being used in duets, with strong colors or blends
of two or three shades of pasteis.
In our new collection you will find in  sweaters, short dolls,
panties and  bras. Highlight of this plus size collection are thesweaters
and sets with romantic air with prints and delicate
lace details.

Pale tones comes with force this season. Brands like Gucci have
used and abused these tones and you will find these tones in our plus size collection on camisoles, short dolls, panties,  bras. and sets. And we took advantage of the tendency to invest in pieces with a lot of transparency, a lot of pattern and union of fabrics. C onjuntos and sweaters in nude tones complete the collection with a lot of class and elegance.

And to use in combination with the pale tones, the primary colors will
come to mark! Blue, red and yellow to counteract with
the pale tones and tones patters, leaving the autumn with a face more
colorful than normal.
In our plus size collection you will find  sweaters, short dolls,
panties and  bras. Special highlight for blue

The basic black never goes out of style and is without any gift in any
collection, because black goes well with everything and can never miss in your
wardrobe. The black you will find in various formats in
our collection: in transparencies, in velvety sets, with
prints, abusing income and sensuality for you to raze.
In this plus size collection on  sweaters, short dolls, panties, bras .
sets  and corsets.