Basic Orange Pro: 0 Cents Per Minute from 8 to 20

It seems that 8 to 20 h of Movistar Professional Plan is being very well received by their customers so Orange not been slow to react and now launches a similar option with the contract Basic Pro for freelancers and companies. Continue reading “Basic Orange Pro: 0 Cents Per Minute from 8 to 20”

Prices Nokia Lumia 735 with Vodafone

After the arrival of the Nokia Lumia 830, Vodafone now also incorporates the new Nokia Lumia 735 to the catalogue of smartphones of the operator in October which is accompanied by a widespread drop in prices in the rest of the mobile operator to attract new customers while that remain unchanged in loyalty. Continue reading “Prices Nokia Lumia 735 with Vodafone”

This Summer, Cropped Replaces the Bikini Bra on the Beach

Top Guarantees Visual Fashionista In The Sands And Programs That Come After

Rio – The top cropped, which had already conquered the streets, now invades a new territory: the beaches. This summer, the model is bet by stylists to replace the bikini bra and create a modern and sporty look on the sands. Continue reading “This Summer, Cropped Replaces the Bikini Bra on the Beach”

15 Creative Ideas To Replace The Traditional Flower Pot

Flowers are synonymous with joy and combine very creatively. So you can take advantage of imagination in time to create a vase for the arrangement. Customized bottles and the lining of an old umbrella, for example, are more cost-effective, sustainable alternatives and fun. Check out some solutions for the flower pot and get inspired!

Reuse is the Buzzword these days. So, grab the cans of chocolate, olive oil and tomato sauce that went to waste and turn it into a small decorative vases. They can be painted with plastic paint or encapadas with fabric and hot glue.

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Microsoft Is Also Working On Its Own Smartwatch

According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is working on its own smartwatch like other large manufacturers. Of course, the title of the article is more of a joke, at least the second part of it, but the implementation of Windows on a clock is very interesting. Microsoft is currently struggling to implement their own ideas so they can be fun to the user when they need to use them. Continue reading “Microsoft Is Also Working On Its Own Smartwatch”

Boxer Briefs and Thongs

Hello readers of the Blog Of Lingerie!

Aboard a theme that it is more of curiosity than preference. Polls indicate that this underwear model is a favorite among men and women. But you know how it came about?

Men’s underwear was already used by the Egyptians for 7000 years. In the 30 she won new designs, which replaced the traditional shorts.

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8 Tips to Choose the Beauty Salon on Bridal Day!

The wedding is an unforgettable date. A magical day that will always remain in the memory of the bride and groom, family and friends. Everything must be perfect. Every detail deserves to be cared for in order to make the occasion special. Decoration, buffet, souvenirs, music. Continue reading “8 Tips to Choose the Beauty Salon on Bridal Day!”

Blazer Size Measure

To find their kostymstorlek is no easy task. Different manufacturers have different definitions of how the garment will sit and not rarely varies because the sizes depending on the market. Another interesting question is how well our systems of measurement corresponds to the body shape of today’s men?

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11 Stylish looks with Fabric Pants

For a long time they were regarded as somewhat petty. It is a question of fabric pants of all kinds. Whether it is wide and high cut as a palazzo or with a waistband and crease.  However, the casual business trend, which characterizes the street style looks, proves that it is also different. Whether during the day at work or going out-the fabric pants have combined with sneakers and sweaters, great favorite potential. It is-in contrast to all prejudices-manifoldly applicable and looks really super modern. See for yourself in our photo gallery with eleven looks to fall in love: Continue reading “11 Stylish looks with Fabric Pants”