Aric Spot LED Exterieur

You need to work at night or under the eaves, a light source can help, here’s our full review of the yard ARIC projector:

Power tools category: lighting

Brand: ARIC

Presentation of the ARIC brand:

ARIC is one of the leading manufacturers of electric lighting for professional French and offers a large number of lighting solutions that you can find in some specialty stores, but let’s stop on the Relationshipsplus!

Presentation of ARIC site Spotlight:

This site projector is powered by an electric cable of 1.8 meters. It can broadcast a light output of 400W. The bulb is protected by a glass (glass, tempered, more resistant), itself protected by a grid, all to ensure a seal IP44 (protection against solid bodies higher than 1 mm and against splash water), ideal for a building site.

The packaging:

The box contains the following items:

The projector


A screw and a washer

A (very simple) Assembly plan and safety (and yes there are as for any electrical appliance)

Warning, the maximum bulb (400W R7s) is not provided.


Nothing could be simpler:

Insert the support rod into the hole provided in the spotlight, continue until the screw hole in the intended mounting space.

Put the washer into the screw, the flat part towards the head of the screw.

The screw in the support rod, until complete clamping.

For bulb:

Unscrew the screw above the hood (with a screwdriver).

Remove the protection and the glass (careful not to break).

Install the bulb into place.

Replace the glass and the protection.

Tighten the set screw.


A very quick grip, the projector is light enough, the foam grip is comfortable, the grid and the glass guarantee resistance against dust and chunks that might fall on it (it happens).


This type of power tools is very convenient for all work at night or in dark areas (attics, rooms without electricity…).

Safety instructions:

Do not open the projector while it is still plugged in.

Do not operate the projector starts with a window broken, cracked or without glass.

The projector must be more than 1 metre from the surface to illuminate.

Our view

The test is very convincing, here is my return on this site projector. :


Water resistance (IP44)

The scratch-resistant glass


The glass in glass, not plastic, so less solid (always the same trade-off between resistance to scratches and all).

Recommended for this projector French price: €42 including VAT at our partner’s comfort –

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