Are The First Homemade ROMs with ICS for The Eee Pad Transformer

It was matter of time although we did not imagine that it would be all so fast. Yesterday, many users began to receive official Ice Cream Sandwich in the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. Good news because the truth is that This version introduces many improvements, Although there are still things to Polish.

In less than 24 hours, the developer community, always quick and helpful, has already launched the first based ROMs in the latest update of Android as well as very simple methods to root our Tablet process that as you know it is essential to change the ROM manual.

A first ROM that has been published for Eee Pad Transformer is the work of MrNago, a Spanish user of the XDA community. This version introduces hardly changes, nor had hardly time to working thoroughly with her, but it features CWM and root so it at least We can already make backup of the system and applications installed through Titanium Backup.

If you want to make root from Ice Cream Sandwich here you will find more information. The process is simple and there is only to make sure good follow the process step by step. If instead you’re still in Honeycomb, you can consult this application, compatible with all versions, to carry out the process.