Application of LED Projector

The characteristics of the led spotlight

LED Flash, specialist in the distribution of LED lamps, invites you to discover the different projectors led and their characteristics.

All the spots we were manufactured to meet outdoor use. As well to illuminate your House, garden or outdoor decorations, trusted LED Flash for a quality LED outdoor Spotlight.

LED projector: 10W-20 W

All of our projectors LED 10W and 20W are waterproof and will meet all your requirements for outdoor use. Our offer in led spotlight is ideal for lighting an area between 15 and 30 m 2.

Some of the different models of led Spotlight are equipped with motion detector as for example our projector Led 20W with detector which black color and with a standard form, will perfectly enlighten your external facades. Guaranteed for 2 years, it will allow you an annual saving of € 16 on your electricity bill (calculation based on a use of 4 hours a day).

LED projector: 30W-80W

LED Flash offers also different models of projector led de30W to 80W.

Characterized by their high resistance to harsh weather conditions, these projectors are equipped with instant start, and their consumption is divided by 10. See for example our projector outdoor led 30W RGB model.

Sold with its remote control, this projector will allow you to vary and create different lights with its large number of shade of colors! In addition, its possibility of management of light intensity will meet all your requirements and you will find lighting for your facades, doors, walls, or garden!

LED projector: 100W and more

Our Spotlight led 100W or more are directed to uses of architectural lighting or for important surfaces greater than 100 m 2. Perfect for lighting homes, houses, alleys or terraces, the 100W LED Spotlight or more you will save more or less € 105 on your electricity bill (calculation based on a use of 4 hours a day) and are guaranteed 2 years. Discover among Internetdict, the LED works like this – the flat led 120W floodlight composed dishes outside spotlight of color black, white or grey according to your desires.

Certified IP65, it is perfectly suited for direct lighting and will replace your old 1000W halogen spots.

So go ahead to discover all our products on our LED online store- flash. fr. All of our teams are at your disposal to advise you and to answer any questions on our LED projectors.