Apple Event With Iphone SE And Ipad Pro Mini

In just a few hours, the Apple Event is on the rise in Cupertino, where we expect new products and software. The March event usually marks the launch of a new iPad. But there are other highlights that we look forward to on this March 21st.

Iphone SE In 4 Inch

The iPhone SE, which is initially considered a 5se, is at the top of our wish list. It should be 4 inches tall and replace the iPhone 5s. Compact dimensions go hand in hand with great performance. SoiPhone SE should not be a budget variant. Instead, Apple presents a high-quality compact model, which is to be equipped with processor and camera from the iPhone 6s. It is therefore suitable for anyone who prefers a handy smartphone to a phablet and still does not want to do without performance. As reported by 9To5Mac, More Than 35 Percent Of All Iphone Users Use A 4-Inch Version (And Therefore The IPhone 5, 5c or 5s models).

IPad Pro mini with Apple Pencil

Another point on the Higlight list: the new iPad. Originally referred to as the iPad Air 3, the successor to the iPad Air 2 seems to be a compact pro-offshoot. The previously-anticipated data of the tablet, known as iPad Pro mini, make you curious: 9.7-inch, AX9 processor, four speakers and the best camera ever in an Apple iPad. Also sighted: the smart connector for the corresponding Apple keyboard. We also assume that the iPad Pro mini is compatible with the Apple Pencil and further enhances the advantages of the iPad Air.

Ios 9.3 With New Features

No Apple Event without software update. That iOS 10 comes first with the iPhone 7, is obvious. This is what iOS 9.3 in the wings that brings new features. In addition to more security in general, Apple has provided for improved usability. The final iOS 9.3 comes with:

Nightshift  for optimizing the display colors in the dark

Notes with fingerprint lock

Health with new apps and data

CarPlay with more content on the go

In addition iOS 9.3. A security gap at iMessage close and with further improvements optimize the everyday mobile life.

News About Apple Watch

While AppleWatch 2 was first mentioned, we are not currently going from a new model. Instead, Tim Cook and his team will present new designs to us. Whether there is actual news for the Apple Watch, we see in the Livestream.