Apogee of Romantic Makeup

The romantic look is setting trends on the spring walkways of Parisian homes like Chanel and Elie Saab, and gradually expands with its cadence of meringues and pastels to all the latitudes of the globe. After you have tasted the fluorescent colors, the blues, the turquoises, and the red lipsticks, how about surrendering to complete the candid harmony of soft tones, pinks and pastels? We will tell you which colors, shapes and combinations stand out in the new wave of romanticism.

The romantic look of fashion in Europe resembles Monet’s paintings, whose sweet nostalgia is impregnated with softness, with delicate nuances where pink, but also celeste, lavender, vanilla and orange excel.

Romantic And Subtle

In its most subtle form, the romantic look postulates rosy cheeks, light shadows and nude lips.

The Dior company is one of those who set the trend accordingly, with a full range of shades of pale pink, salmon, pearl gray and green water. The presentation of this new makeup made the world sigh.

Intensely Pink

Another way to innovate in this look is with more dramatic details, as suggested to the company Beautygenerate.com.

Here, the passion for the rose is taken to extremes, incorporating it into masks for the lashes.

Plenty Of Pastries

The romantic look is based on pastel shades. Maybe Mac is the company that best fits for that reference. The new line of nail polishes, lipsticks and lip gloss does not exceed one millimeter in its proposal for this trend.

If you plan to complete the romance in your makeup bag and achieve this hyper-feminine look, these are suggested colors:

Variety of roses




Green white jade, green water, green apple

Vanilla, soft yellow.

Naked Color

In turn, you can opt for dark shades to outline and complement your make-up such as chocolate and gray.

How To Apply Makeup To Do This Look:

Moisturize your skin and apply a nude base (the same tone as your skin).

Apply a soft pink blush subtly on the cheekbones.

The eyes should look for shadows in the mentioned colors, and complimented with mascara. The mask can be black or belong to the variety of roses and pastels.

Finally, we give a soft color to soft lips and that’s it. We are ready to connect with our feminine and romantic side.