AOKP Launches The First Build of Your ROM with Jelly Bean for Devices Nexus

AOKP It has made a name, based on well, doing an excellent job developing ROMs for Android. It is true that there are many cooks, but only a few groups manage to bring its work to many devices. Namely: CyanogenMod, MIUI…

Now, AOKP has released the first version of your ROM with Jelly Bean, that have christened JB-MR1. This announcement gives us a lime and a sand because while it is true that it is great news, may not be so for whoever has to install it.

AOKP has been rewritten from scratch, so it is far from previous versions that had previously been available. This results in a more optimized performance but also in the need to make a deletion in full and that its compatibility, at the moment, is smaller.

To date, this ROM with Jelly Bean is only compatible with four devices, the Nexus 7 Nexus 4 and two variants American Galaxy Nexus. The rest will have to wait but they have already announced that soon will come to the family of Samsung, among them the SII and III in addition to variants of the Note.

If you are going to install it and test it, AOKP ROMs are highly recommended, Remember to do a backup before all of your data. For that purpose, Titanium Backup is perfect.