Anything But Dull, The Check Shirt

The character of this garment is peculiar and its expressions are actually different from other men’s shirts. But what is behind it? Is our knowledge of the expressiveness of the check shirt sufficient to know how the viewer understands it? Do we associate ourselves with something else other than the colleague, neighbor or beloved connoisseur?

Only origin and history can give us objective indications. But the check shirt as an omnipresent offer makes it difficult for us to recognize it. But the Karo shirt also wrote its story. And surprisingly this story leads to another continent and not to rural folklore in front of its own door, where its meaning is now firmly established.

The Origin Of The Check Shirt

The traces of the check shirt lead us to North America based on PickTrue. Anyone who still knows John Fogerty, associates with a typical country singer in checkered flannel shirt, loosely and yet grounded, like his own. In fact, flannel shirts, predominantly with diamonds, came into fashion for the first time among the field and forest workers. The so-called “Holzfällerhemden” with jeans were an expression of functionality and casualness, which quickly spread. Being close to nature, man’s power and belonging to it were part of the character, which continues to this day and is still omnipresent in commerce for this target group.

Because flannel shirts not only convince with a pleasantly soft wearing feel but high durability. The Karos represent precisely that aspect, which combines leading demands in leisure time: comfort, quality and chic. The upper garments made of cotton flannel spread rapidly as leisure and hiking clothes and developed into a trendsetter for walking and cozy together. And, indeed, world-wide.

The country style with cowboy hat, ankle boots and jeans was the expression of well-known artists for a long time and today gives its wearer classic traits. Thus, the check shirt is the official representative for unofficial occasions-not infrequently, American presidents also liked to show off their styles with these styles and thus set the tone for a whole generation. The check shirt captured the globe and is a conscious trademark for proximity to nature, down-to-earth and at the same time indicated that the wearer is also not afraid of the “grab” in the form of hard work.

The Common Characteristics

The manifestations of today leave room for accentuations in several directions. The styles offer many combinations for different personalities. It is precisely in Europe that we can differentiate.However, the basic structure remains the same-only the bearer is always shown in a slightly different light. Below, the groups are split up, but without any claim to completeness, for scarcely a piece of clothing is more open for individual adjustments of its wearer as a check shirt.

The Cowboy

The typical jean carrier with check shirt, belt and jeans has long been no longer reserved for the younger men. This was the turning point, and the generation after the Second World War was represented in the same way. If you want to implement the cowboy style consistently, comes out without check shirt. While the hat should only be used for the occasion, as is the case with relevant Western events or performances of country music, the rest of the outfit is still a classic outfit for all leisure activities.

Jeans, chic belts and plaid shirts in colors to your liking make a simple combination out of which you can make no mistakes. An increase of the original style is possible with checked shirts of a special kind: uni-colored material inserts at the shoulder and sleeves as contrast to the check are the so-called Western shirts, whose altered variant without checks can never be so completely the original. Tip: Cloths for the neck complement the expressiveness of this outfit as well as metal-studded belt buckles.

Check Shirt And Hiking Gear

Outdoor outfitters can not be without a check shirt for a long time.In the multi-layered 5-layer system for trippers, the check shirt has its fixed place over the jersey and under a sweater. The collar protects the neck area from the sun as well as from the cold. When putting away the sweaters, its wearer can comfortably turn into restaurants and also looks exhilarating.

But also the typical hiking coach from Europe with leather pants, boots and hiking boots is hardly without check shirt, so he would like to express tradition in the appearance. May the Karohemden also originate from America, the European rural folklore has long internalized and gives the wearer a special feeling of homeland also here with us.

Well-Kept Casualness In Everyday Life

The check shirt is not reserved for the mountaineer or cowboy.Depending on the overall design, it also expresses simply casualness and fashion. This includes, of course, those offers which do not meet the increased requirements in the outdoor trade and do not want to convey purely classical expressions.

The currently modern style of the men’s shirts, a tailored waisted and narrow cut is just in combination with Karo a popular variant.In the choice of the colors one is completely free. Casual slim fit in check is easy to combine with the expressive strength of the former lumberjack shirt-rough masculinity in the radiance is guaranteed.

Cuddly Winter Boot

The popular flannel fabric combines Karohemden with its traditional predecessors and offers above all one: flexible, warm winter clothing, which is easy to combine with sweaters, jackets and pants and stylistically always fits. Whether the Karos is large or small, does not matter. Cozy atmosphere is guaranteed to the wearer. It is assumed, of course, that these are not official events.This is the only limitation of the long-lasting blazer shirt, whereby even this statement is something to be revised: Under the category of unofficial clothes the check shirt is probably already a special kind of classic.

It is up to him to decide which form the individual wants to claim for himself. It is hardly possible to commit style failures and the situations that allow wearing are common in every human being. So it is also worth buying a high quality piece.