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Names and best contraceptives and get fat

Contraception is one of the ways women prevent pregnancy. There are several types of contraceptives on the market and the most appropriate is for your gynecologist to indicate which one is right for you.
Many are unaware that contraception is not only meant to prevent pregnancy. Girls in their teens, with pimple problems, often make use of the remedy. Women with hormonal changes too.

Studies from Maternityguides have proven that contraceptive does not affect the weight of the woman, what can happen is the psychological factor influencing the balance. Injectable contraceptives cause greater fluid retention, which can give the impression of being an increase in weight. What is worth is to have a balanced diet, and if you still notice weight gain, seek your gynecologist who can evaluate your case.

If you suffer with a headache. Feeling the nuisance in the adaptation period, corresponding to the first three months, can be considered normal. If after that time the pain remains, it is advisable to change the pill. However, if you already have severe and constant pain or have a diagnosis of migraine, no oral contraceptive will reverse this condition. More indicated Non-strenuous pills, only with levonorgestrel progesterone or norethisterone (Cerazette and Micronor).
Why estrogen has vasoconstricting action, aggravating the pain in those who already have it.
If you suffer from oily skin and hair. Celebrate. After three months of use, most pills improve the appearance of the skin and hair. If you have superactive sebaceous glands, which leave your shiny skin like madame’s silver, two types of synthetic progesterone may help.

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More indicated Pills with gestodene such as Mirelle, Gynera, Femiane and Thames 20, with drospirenone Yaz, Elani Cycle and Yasmin or, when there is severe acne, with cyproterone Diane 35 and Selene. Why They have antiandrogenic effect, which regulates the oiliness of the skin and reduces the appearance of blackheads. If you suffer with premenstrual tension, 860 women, 80% suffer or have already suffered from damn pre-menstrual tension. So, nothing more convenient than using the pill to combat this evil your boyfriend and your co-workers thank you. Yaz, Elani Cycle and Yasmin or long-term contraceptives, which can be used without pause for cerazette menstruation, Nortrel and Micronor.

Why do they have mild diuretic effect, preventing swelling and pain in the breasts. They also reduce the typical nervousness, irritation and melancholia of PMS. If you suffer from fluid retention. You did not put your foot in the jackpot for the weekend. Even so, for no apparent reason, those skinny jeans do not close during the week. Effect of water retention, which worsens mainly in PMS and increases the weight on the scale without meaning that you have gained weight. It’s just a water tank that needs to be drained. Some contraceptives help with this mission.

More indicated Pills with drospirenone (Yaz, Elani Cycle and Yasmin), why They block receptors in the body that stimulate reabsorption.

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