Android or Tea Lets You Customize The Lock Screen Shortcuts and Navigation Bar

The hidden UI of the system configurator brings more customization to Android with its next version so that every time there is less reason for having to root our devices.

With the previous view priemva of Android or We can see that it will be possible to customize the direct lock screen and navigation bar settings.

Shortcuts on the lock screen

We put in the lock screen shortcuts on the left and right using any application or action that you have installed on your device, and allow at the same time, that the device is desbloqueé to launch the application from the lock screen. By default, as in previous versions, the lock screen shortcuts remain voice search application and the camera.

Navigation bar

They also offer several options to customize the navigation bar. It allows us to change your “design”, to show the buttons more compact or located more to the right or left, to make it more comfortable to use with one hand depending on whether we are right or left-handed.

It also allows us to activate up to two buttons on the sides left and right. Among the options, give us choose Add button of Clipboard (what used to drag it to a text field and paste its content), the keyboard button or button Keyboard code that it will simulate the key on a keyboard. There we will have to put the code of the keyboard and an icon.