Android or Shows You The Progress When You Install an Application, and It’s about Time

We have already reviewed the main novelties introduced in the first Developer Preview of Android O, but the small details they continue to surprise us almost every day, and that we are in a first version.

One of them is a subtle change in the way in which the system displays the progress of an application’s Setup. So far showed a “progress bar false”, which is simply a loop back and forth. In Android, it is a real progress bar, and it includes a button to cancel.

The application will end in 3, 2, 1…

Android applications are increasingly heavier, while they are still in circulation devices relatively old (almost 10% use Jelly Bean according to Google). This mixture is sometimes install a heavy application can take quite some time, and there is no way to know how much. The “progress bar” of installation so far revolves and rotates, and it takes two seconds to twenty.

It has cost about nine years, but Android or finally is something more precise about the process of installing applications. Change does not come only, but that the installation window displays a button to cancel the installation in the bottom right corner.

It is necessary to comment that the installation window, which shows the progress bar and the download window, appears only to the install applications from your APK. The window does not come out to do it from Google Play, and therefore still not knowing how long it will take you. However, it is more than likely included later and Google Play shows the installation progress, just as it does download.