Android or Can Automatically Activate The Wi-Fi When You’Re Close to Saved Networks

Surely that on more than one occasion when you were on the street, and to save some battery, you’ve turned off your device’s Wi-Fi connection, and then to get home you start to update applications and to watch videos without remember to re-enable the Wi-Fi, and with the scare in the body queries the data consumed on that day to see if it was recording your carelessness.

As well, these scares already will not move with the next major update of the mobile operating system from Google, because Android or may automatically activate the Wi-Fi connection when you are close to saved networks.

This means that if we disable the Wi-Fi connection is automatically will be activated when we get home, work or any place where we have stored in our device network.

All this is possible thanks to the fact that Google uses the Wi-Fi networks for geopositioned, with what you know in that location is every router, with which to detect that our mobile and our saved network router are about as Android or activate the Wi-Fi connection.

This new option is in Settings > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Preferences > re-enable the Wi-Fi connection, Although at the moment it comes disabled in the first pre-release of Android or, it cannot be used, so there is to wait for upcoming updates to be able to prove it.

So you can install and try Android or Developer Preview