Android 2.0, Analysis Wear: to Conquer Our Doll Requires More Than Just a Great Upgrade

After half a year of delay the new version of the operating system for watches Android Wear 2.0 It is here, already reaching the market with a new generation of new watches and most of the current models with a system update.

After the important fall suffered the platform Android Wear last year by drought of new models expected this 2017 all change to better thanks to the great support that is taking the complete renovation of Android Wear with the news that manufacturers We will discuss in detail below.

Android Wear 2.0 Debuts new interface

Practically all in Android Wear 2.0 It is new. Google has given a major facelift to make much more attractive and easy to use your smart watches. Thanks to its new design and animations its interface makes it much more attractive.

This new version of the operating system for wearables goodbye to that interface to present a new interface that squeezes much better card-based small displays of watches, and to focus especially in enhancing and squeezing the functions that one expects to find in a watch, especially if it’s sports.

Android Wear 2.0 with its new interface and customization options much more squeezes the basic function of the device, the clock.

Its new selector fields of the clock

Are many changes which we found after jumping to Android Wear 2.0. Not only are interface changes, but also how it interacts with it. If Android Wear 1.X slip the screen was left to open the drawer of applications now with Android Wear 2.0 what we do is change the watch face.

This change in behavior we can change a lot more quickly our clock design, since it is much faster slide gesture towards the sides of the screen to change the field of screen with the latest three have to perform a long press like on previous versions.

Further customization with the complications of clock

Now press in the screen allows us to customize the new areas of clock elements. Allows us to customise up to a maximum of four complications, which are the additional elements that you allow us to see more information on screen.

Here already with third-party applications we can put on display everything you can think of us. We can show the steps you have taken, calories burnt, our next events, the time of any capital, access to a contact, the number of notifications, etc…. Is a success implementing complications in Android Wear, Since you can create your perfect watch face.

A new drawer of applications more practical and easy to use

To access the drawer for Android Wear 2.0 applications now will be that Press the Crown. With its new design optimized for circular screens, which are that most abound in Android Wear-based clocks.

With this new interface is much easier to navigate through the list of applications. With that circular design you see more applications on the screen and the icon of the application focus becomes larger for does not fail to touch it.

In addition, now makes you it clear that the first application of the list is a recent application, and If you do a press long on an application will be marked as favorite being in early position. A success to have at the top your favorite applications.

To have more on hand your favorite applications only have to make a long press to be displayed at the beginning of the launcher

Google Assistant

Google has not forgotten to integrate his new Assistant’s voice in your operating system for watches. As in previous versions, the voice search can be accessed with one Press long on the Crown or with the active Word “Ok Google”.

As the wizard of Google is not yet in our language only can enjoy the search and actions of voice that we had on Android 1.X Wear, just that with a new interface.

Most comfortable notifications

Notifications also suffer an important change in Android Wear 2.0, and for my taste it is better. Now Plug you the clock dial information or it is so slow to interact with them.

Now if you receive a notification, in room screen will be shown the notification full screen for a few seconds and disappears. If we activate the screen We will see a few seconds on the display a notification bubble to let us know which of us came a new notice.

Notifications now occupy the entire screen to show the best possible information together with an action in every sphere. If you click on the notification you will see information complete next to the drop-down menu to see all possible actions. Before to see the actions you had to go sliding screens. Now the see all coup.

Notifications for Android Wear 2.0 are not so intrusive, does not cover the face of the watch and now shows on screen all their actions

You no longer have to talk to your clock to answer or make an enquiry

What I liked least Android Wear is that in order to write you had to do with the dictate of Google voice, so you’d have to talk to the clock, and that option in the street is not very comfortable, especially if there is much noise environment or are in a place you don’t want to make too much noise.

Android Wear 2.0 It solves this with the implementation of input methods QWERTY keyboard and the handwriting. Despite what may appear by the small screens of these devices writing by hand works very well, recognizes very well Freehand writing, and the QWERTY keyboard is often hit in most of the cases that you tried to write already is playing the keys or using gesture script by sliding the finger into the keys. This last option works best.

The handwriting and keyboard slide to write work very well despite the small size of the screen. Ended having to talk to your watch.

Google Play and standalone applications

This is one of the major successes of Android Wear 2.0. Now you can decide which applications want to have installed on your phone and what in your clock.

Before any compatible application that you instalabas in your mobile is automatically installed in your clock. Now with Android 2.0 Wear this not the case, you have to open your new Play Store and download it to have it in the clock.

Google Play for Android Wear It shows applications have on the clock and can also download on your watch. It shows also featured, recommended applications and collections for squeezing your watch.

Android Wear 2.0 become standalone applications. Now you can have different applications in your mobile and your watch.

Contactless payments

Another of the important new features of Android Wear 2.0 is the the NFC bracket. To compete against Apple Watch and Apple Pay, Google also allows compatible watches make contactless payments in a simple and quick with Android Pay. Just will have to bring the clock to the PIN pad.

Refreshed settings

Finally, Android Wear 2.0 nor forgets to renew its settings. Now its quick Settings toolbar allows us to quickly adjust screen brightness, mute notifications, see the battery and enter complete settings.

Refreshed settings are much more complete and now allow us to do things like disable those applications of system that we do not want to see in our clock turn off or restart the clock quickly.

Android Wear 2.0, Xataka Android view

With Android Wear 2.0 We are facing the most important update Gets the operating system for smart watches Google. All renewal that made him missing after more than three years on the market and so far has left me a good taste.

The new interface and customization options that enhance the clock functions are a success, especially in sport watches with GPS and LTE connectivity, you can display the information that the user wants to and have installed certain applications in the clock without having to have them installed on the phone and vice versa.

All this together with the new QWERTY keyboard and handwriting input methods will be encouraged more to interact with your watch in public places does not have to be talking to your wrist.

Android Wear 2.0 gets you animes to get and use your smart watch thanks to its new customization options and their new methods of input, but you only exprimirás their potential if you have a watch with LTE, GPS and NFC.

Note that Google has put a lot of love and devoted much time to this new version of Android Wear, above all because we’re seeing that the manufacturers are responding very well to this new version released a large wave of new watches based on Android Wear 2.0.

Will these developments do you most use your watch? This new version is as if you estrenases brand new watch, so surely if you had forgotten in the drawer des you a new opportunity and it is possible that their new areas of clock with customizable complications, their standalone applications, new methods of input and system customizations persuade you much more.

Android Wear 2.0 has a “small” problem, and to enjoy all the experience that offers and their full potential you’ll have to renew your old watch by one who has LTE, GPS and NFC, which for my taste is the most attractive.

Despite this great update, already little doubt there is the niche market for Android Wear is the athletes. It is in the sports watches where they are your market, and it is where it seems that sales will rise by focusing the majority of manufacturers in these models based on Android Wear.

It is in the market of watches of training where makes perfect sense Android Wear, especially with NFC and LTE watches, since they allow you to go running with only your watch to listen music via Bluetooth, to record your route, view stats, your pulse, make calls or reply to messages and pay with the NFC. Everything with your mobile phone at home.

The future of Android Wear is in sport watches, using them as “complement of fashion” is rather a whim than a necessity.

A Android Wear LTE, GPS or NFC is a version very decaffeinated. An elegant design with this operating system clock is already more a whim than a utility, since practically you will use it to watch on your wrist time, the steps you have given, your events and notifications, things that neither costs you look out Mobile Pocket.